House Tour

Andy and I moved into our home on April 22, 2011. Well, moved in is a bit of an over statement…closing day was more along the lines of…

…went to a lawyers office, signed a bazillion papers, got handed keys, rushed off to drink wine on our new patio while dunking our toes in the pool, spent 20 minutes downing a glass of pinot, and then rushing off to meet my parents who had just pulled into town for a visit from NJ…

Our home was literally move in ready. Clean, bright, and basic. While this was excellent, and way less stress inducing than a home that may have needed more work out of the gate, it certainly became apparent after a few weeks that our home needed a little pep. It really is the perfect blank canvas to add our own touches, upgrades, and gloss.  Here are a few photographs of the casa in its current glory. We’ve merely scratched the surface and can’t wait to share more.

**A quick note – Below you will find just a few pics to get this house tour party started. I will be editing this page regularly over the next week or so to complete the “picture” and give you a nice sense of the flow and layout of the house from front yard to back door.**

Front Yard – coming soon

Entryway to Formal Living and Dining Room – coming soon

Kitchen and Family Room – coming soon

Master Bedroom –

Master Bath –

Guest Wing Hallway – coming soon

Second Bedroom: Guest Room

Guest Bath –

Third Bedroom: Office – coming soon

Fourth Bedroom: crazy storage/workout space – coming soon

Laundry Room – coming soon

Garage – coming soon

Pool and Lanai – coming soon

Backyard and Basketball Court – coming soon

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