Back in Action: Part 1

Long time, no see. I’ve missed you. Although “you” probably refers to my Dad, who I believe was my only consistent reader, like, ever. But for what it’s worth, I’ve missed blogging. This is not the first time I’ve fallen off of the proverbial wagon when it comes to updating Get Carey’d Away. I get distracted, uninspired, bored, and pressured (all self-inflicted) and I take a hiatus. Only to begin to feel the itch to circle back, and rekindle the relationship once again…sort of like that bad-for-you boyfriend who gives you a headache more often than not but inevitably is your soul mate and you just can’t live without. Ok, overly dramatic analogy but I have to admit it sort of sums up my relationship with blogging so far. The rub is I actually do love blogging. Mainly, I do it for myself and I’ve decided that sometimes I need the outlet and other times, I can completely do without it and can’t be bothered. I stick fast to the mindset that if readers come, than great, but if not, I’m doing this mostly for my own entertainment and enjoyment and so long as I find it fulfilling, I’ll keep at it. I’m still undecided how consistently I want to post. Part of me continues to remind myself that this blog is first and foremost for me…primarily started as a way to journal life, keep family updated, and dabble in discussing and sharing some of the things I enjoy and find inspiring. The other half of me feels pressured to find a focus and at times, when the blog feels like a chore, I feel I’m left with the decision to either treat it as if it matters to other people and I owe whoever may be reading worthwhile content vs. just ignoring it for awhile. That’s the other problem. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not entirely sure I’ve offered anyone any worthwhile content. My husband uses a great description when it comes to what makes a good blog, and he reminds me of this point: “no one cares what you ate for lunch today”. Seriously, blogging can end up being about really mundane cow poopy. To date, mine probably is. For example, I don’t think I’ve been too terribly original. The blogosphere has EXPLODED, even in the time that I’ve been writing, and it’s hard not to subconsciously latch onto been there, done that trends, write about similar topics, and be inspired by the same things where most posts end up looking virtually the same across all blogs. I mean, even I’ll be the first to admit…how many posts can we read about painting your living room gray? Don’t get me wrong, I did it, and I love it. But was it original, no. In a nutshell, I’ve had a great deal of fun finding my voice on this blog so far. I’ve enjoyed trying my hand at discussing things that interest and inspire me, but I’ve decided that if I am going to continue this blog, then I need to significantly narrow my focus. It just feels right…more manageable, more enjoyable, and overall, more fun. In fact, I debated starting an entirely new blog altogether but I’m just too married to my blog name. So, we’ll let the past be the past and move forward refreshed and refocused. Stay tuned. I have some more brief updates to share!


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