Den Updates

So, this isn’t new. In fact, I’ve had this shot posted on Instagram and Facebook for a while but have yet to post it here.

We have a new sofa for the den!


Our den space is sort of odd…it’s not the largest space and based on the layout with the fireplace, built-ins, and the fact that it’s an open floor plan with the kitchen, I was left with few options for furniture arrangement. It was important to me to keep this space feeling open and not clutter it with furniture. While we entertain in this space frequently, we are blessed with Florida weather and the party often spills right onto the adjacent pool patio so we are rarely in dire need of seating in here. A sectional fit our needs perfectly allowing some extra space to kick back and lay out. Paired with an accent chair already in the room and some cozy floor cushions…I think it was all we needed.

This past Thanksgiving, we began our search. Of course, we were looking for a budget option. Honestly, this was going to be a high traffic sofa and while you may get more durability from a more expensive piece of furniture I firmly believe it’s all mostly the same crap at the end of the day….whether you pay $6,000 or $1,500. Our decision was to attempt to find a solid piece of furniture, that didn’t drain the bank account, and that I wouldn’t feel guilty replacing in 5-10 years when it inevitably starts to look shabby. They just don’t make furniture like they used to. Given that we don’t live in the most urban area, local furniture shopping pretty much revolves around one establishment. In Gainesville, that is Furniture Country. We purchased our living room furniture here and have been pleased. The best part, they have some GREAT sales so you can get even more of a bargain. Given that we shopped over Thanksgiving, we scored a Black Friday deal and received an additional 20% off of the price.

As we were walking the store, we had our eyes on different sectional sofas. We knew the dimensions we needed and my preference was for leather. We spend most of our down time in the den with the dogs and the cat and we wanted something durable and that would make fur clean up MUCH easier. I’m over the days of pet hairĀ sticking to upholstery. UGH. Given that our dogs are on the small side and we are able to keep their nails trimmed to discourage punctures or scratches in the leather, we decided that this material was perfect for our needs.

The sofa we ended up purchasing was displayed on the showroom floor in a lime green fabric. My big tip is to look beyond the upholstery when purchasing furniture. Often, the retailer will have questionable choices when it comes to the fabric and color of the furniture they display. Look for the lines and proportion and explore options from there. Much to my delight, this sofa could be upholstered in leather and even more delightful, a shade of leather that I thought only existed in my head was available. I was shocked! I knew I wanted a taupe/gray color but most leather furniture you see is either black, brown, or gasp, white! I chose the leather based on this 4 x 8 inch swatch and was a little fearful it would look dated but once it was delivered I knew it was the right choice. We love it. The pillows you see on the sofa came with the purchase. I was asked to pick fabric and believe it or not, this was the least offensive of the choices. It’s a graphic floral print on twill in shades of taupe, burgundy, and navy. I actually sort of like the pillows but they won’t be permanent as it’s not the look or color scheme I’m going for in this room. Either way, free is free. I’ll either recover these in the future or replace them altogether. I suppose I should give you a few details on the sofa! We went with a right arm chaise sectional sofa made by England Furniture. We chose real leather in the color Salvador Mushroom. Final sale purchase price was $2,111.90. I call that a great value for a leather sectional!


This room still has a long way to go but just wanted to share this little update!

How about you? Any good furniture finds lately?


House of Windsor

This post has nothing to do with Queen Elizabeth II…rather, it has everything to do with the new bar stools I just purchased from West Elm! I have been coveting these for WEEKS. In a past life, I would have seen and bought, but for some reason I am being much more discerning…’er indecisive…these days.

Anyway, I shopped around, thought about it, put off purchasing even as I watched TWO sales come and go, and FINALLY, I snapped these beauties up with the Presidents Day discount (15%) and some Pottery Barn gift cards from the wedding.

*Awesome aside, Pottery Barn, West Elm, and Williams Sonoma are “related” and honor each others gift cards…sa-weeet.*

Not to have decorating ADD, as I know the focus has been heavily on the formal living/dining space…I mean, who’s talking about paint and gray and stuff…not us…hehe…BUT, I have plans for the kitchen/family room space. Those plans include using the same paint in both spaces…a nice serene gray if we ever get around to making a decision (more paint samplesĀ are drying as we speak and begging to be ogled in daylight). Anyway, the point is, these bar stools will be perfection with the color/decor scheme I’m going for. Unfortunately, I’m not really sure how to explain that at this point but it lies somewhere in the realm of contemporary cottage. Either way, I love this modern take on an utterly traditional shape. Here’s the goods:

The best part…I got the felt cushions in the citron color featured in the picture which will TOTALLY pop against the color scheme we are going for. I squealed when I saw how awesome this set-up looks (I’m not sure Andy understands my excitement…it’s the little things).

The Goods:

Modern Windsor Bar Stool in White

Modern Windsor Dining Chair Cushion in Felt Citron

both from West Elm

On that note, it will most certainly be a few weeks before these are delivered, set up, and ready to display in the kitchen/family room space. After we finish in the current living/dining area we’re going to move into this area where we need to complete some built-ins around the fireplace and figure out how to mount the flat screen to the wall before we even think about lifting a brush…but I couldn’t wait to share.

So, if anyone out there is reading…let’s hear it…any fun and recent home decor purchases, bargains, etc.? I love to hear about the goods that make you say “yay!”