Je T’aime Cards by Anthropologie

A little fun find for your Tuesday morning. Aren’t these the most adorable notecards you ever did see?! My heart pitter patters for these…fitting since it’s almost V-Day. I inherited my Mother’s obsession with all things paper and stationary. These are just too perfect and great for sending a little love note to that someone special.



Valentine’s Day Gifts

Love is in the air. Speaking of love…I j’adore online window shopping. I especially j’adore putting together compilations of some of my favorite things. While the husband and I don’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day or give one another gifts (well, we exchange cards, go out for dinner, and give each other a little extra squeeze) I still think there are some great festive gift ideas and I love constructing little visual wish lists. Here are a few of my favorite things that looked especially presh in all shades, pink, red, and lovey.

For the Love of Fashion


Pintucked Ponte Dress(Anthropologie), Cashmere Cardigan in Windowpane Check(J.Crew), Darby Leather Loafers(J.Crew), Fanned Seashell Bralet(Anthropologie), Heart Intarsia Sweater(Anthropologie)

For the Love of Home


Aviary Coverlet(Anthropologie), Live Love Pillow(Anthropologie), Ceramic Melon Knobs(Anthropologie), You Are My Sunshine Pillow(Anthropologie)

For the Love of Travel


Leather Colorblock Passport Case(J.Crew), BAGGU for J.Crew Printed Bag(J.Crew), Printed Case for iPhone 5(J.Crew), Spiral Notebook(J.Crew), Printed Backup Battery for iPhone(J.Crew)

For the Love of Beauty


Happy Heart Fragrance(Clinique), FACE Stockholm Nail Polish(J.Crew), Fresh Bloom All Over Colour(Clinique)

For the Love of Baubles


Beaded Rose Necklace(J.Crew), Blooming Fondant Bib Necklace(Anthropologie), Dipped Rope Necklace(Anthropologie), Pink Stone Teardrop Earrings(LOFT), Beaded Rose Bracelet(J.Crew), Polished Planes Earrings(Anthropologie), Lily Mineral Necklace(Anthropologie), True Love Ring(Anthropologie), Daisy Chain Necklace(Anthropologie)

I have not partnered with, nor was I compensated by, any of the brands featured in this post. You should understand my general obsession with all things Anthropologie and J.Crew by now (wink).

What are you getting your special someone for Valentine’s Day? Do you have any super special gifts planned? Any special traditions?

Much love, xoxo

Christmas Gifts for the Globetrotter

“Not all who wander are lost”

As I’ve hinted at around here, Andrew and I travel quite a bit for leisure. In fact, I’ve been tossing around the idea of recapping past travel and featuring future travel as I get a lot of design inspiration from locales we’ve visited and there are just some pictures and stories that are too good not to share. A little diversion never hurt. Anyway, Andy does some travel for business, but most of our excursions are for fun, adventure, and a little relaxation. We were both bitten by the travel bug pretty early on…my first trip across the pond was to Paris sophomore year of high school with a few friends. Since then we’ve ventured pretty far afield…travels have taken us as far away as Vietnam and a little less off the beaten path to London and the Caribbean as well…to name just a few.

In that spirit, as I sit here with Christmas on the brain and the need to get the remainder of my Christmas shopping accomplished, I find myself daydreaming of far off places. My internet surfing has returned me to my three favorite places to shop of all time, hands down…J.Crew, Target, and Anthropologie (oh what I would give to still work for that store…). As I perused the gift ideas featured on each site, I noticed some rather adorable travel accessories and then began conjuring up “giftspiration” boards to share some of the very best gifts for the globetrotter in your life.

Here’s what I’m loving

For the Gals


1. Sprout Lip Balm $18 Anthropologie – perfect for parched airplane rides and sun exposure.

2. BAGGU for J.Crew Printed Bag $10 – Great for your local market finds, and souvenir shopping.

3. Proenza Schouler iPad Sleeve $39.99 Target – Carry and protect your tablet in style.

4. Printed Makeup Pouch $25 J.Crew – Cute carry on to stash all your essentials.

5. Face Stockholm Nail Polish in Pine $10 J.Crew – Pre-trip mani/pedi is a must.

6. Glitter Case for iPhone 4 $22.50 J.Crew – Something sparkly (something reflective helps when you’re searching for your phone deep in a travel bag).

7. Leather Colorblock Passport Case $45 J.Crew – Stamp those visas in style.

For the Guys


1. Field Notes for J.Crew Three Pack $14.50 – Travel journal, blog notes…

2. Back-up Battery for iPhone $39.50 J.Crew – Keep it juiced…after all, you need to check-in on Facebook.

3. Leather Magic Wallet $29.50 J.Crew – Downsize…trust me…you only need some cash, maybe a card, and your ID…don’t carry your life in your wallet and then get it stolen in a Vietnamese night market…true story.

4. Donegal Hosiery Socks $19 J.Crew – Keep his tootsies warm on the airplane…or in colder climates.

5. Leather Case for iPhone $38 J.Crew – Smart looks for your most prized possession.

6. Timex Weekender Watch $34.99 Target – Don’t miss that plane or train…luxe styling on a dime.

The best part…all of these goodies are under $50! Now that you’re outfitted, you’ll have plenty of cash left over for your airfare!

Happy trails and Merry Christmas to you!

So tell me, what’s the best gift you’ve given or received in the spirit of wanderlust?

Opa!…a SoFa makeover

I get antsy…and over things really quickly. Well, that’s not entirely true…but as I recently mentioned, there are so many colors and looks I like that I’m trying to keep large furniture pieces in my house neutral…like those staple black pants or favorite gray cardi in your closet that go with ANYTHING and can me mixed and matched to your hearts content.

Let’s observe my sofa (as pictured in my very first apartment).

With a wave of my magic wand er’ trip to Target, behold:

Here’s the back story…I had a slipcover (that was a near match to the naked sofa, how now brown cow) mainly to protect if from dog hair, drool (Andrew’s 😉 ), and other icky pet things. It’s easily tossed in the wash and protects your investment. Of course, I take it off for company because otherwise it looks like you’re just wearing your sweatpants to a dinner party…put a little effort in will ya. The existing slipcover was starting to get a little ratty and worn and I figured it would be a good idea to have a backup. So armed with a Target gift card from the wedding…I marched into the home section to make my selection. The ah-ha moment came when I realized I could pick a different color and “test” out a color palette I’m considering for a future sofa purchase for this room. We’ve lived with the sofa in this place for a few months but I’m not convinced it’s the right fit for the long term. I’m thinking more along the lines of a sectional/chaise sofa in a lighter color. But for now, a new slipcover to rotate with the last one will do. I’ve had this slipcover in place for about 10 days now and it has really given me an opportunity to respond to the color palette. I can observe it at different times of day and just get an overall sense of it. PS I LOVE MY NEW PILLOWS! (also from Target). They are very reminiscent of home accents from Anthropologie. And yes, I drink the Anthropologie Kool-Aid…guzzle is more like it.

And I LOVE LOVE LOVE this one, also from Target:

(I really may have to get one or two of these)

 So there you have it…simple sofa transformation. What did we learn:

1. A few pillows/new slipcover can change your whole look. Great way to test ideas before committing to a whole new piece of furniture.

2. Slipcovers are pet, and husband, friendly…just wash, rinse, and repeat.