Moroso Redondo

In English…it’s a sofa.

This one is short and sweet.

It’s amazing the treasures a little random Googling around will get you…

Moroso is an Italian company featuring amazing furniture design…mainly sofas and armchairs. In the spirit of shorter posts…and because who wants to read when we can ogle this curvaceous quilted goodness…here’s the eye candy.

This is the Redondo sofa collection by designer Patricia Urquiola. (PS: In the company description, they indicated you may find your rear end enjoying the likes of this furniture in places such as palaces in Bahrain…I’m guessing that’s why I didn’t see prices listed…)

moroso-1 moroso-2 moroso-3 moroso-4I don’t know about you buy something about all this quilting sings to me. I just imagine it feeling so plush and cozy…like you’re favorite blanket. That’s actually probably a blasphemous statement and the design gods are reeling thinking I likened this furniture to your favorite blanket seeing as it probably costs more than my house…

Look but don’t touch?

Any favorite amazing but out of your reach furniture wish list items?



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