Painted Interior Doors

A while back, we finally finished painting the trim in the living room/dining room. I used Decorators White by Benjamin Moore and I think it came out really great. It’s a nice complementary white paired next to our paint color, Moonshine. When the trim work was all said and done, the crown molding, baseboards, and trim surround all doors and windows was a crisp shade of Decorators White. I’d initially intended to take the doors down and freshen them up with a coat of this white as well…but now I’m considering going in an entirely different direction. I’m looking for s0me drama, a statement, a little fun pop of color. Not sure if I want it to be crisp, bright, or moody…but painted doors are looking more and more enticing. Let’s adore a few that particularly spark my desire to dip into some paint again.

I’m leaning towards black or a much darker shade that was complimentary to Moonshine in the Ben Moore color decks. I’m thinking of going high gloss as well. The wheels are turning and we may be breaking out the rollers sooner than later!

4 thoughts on “Painted Interior Doors

  1. We have painted doors in our home and absolutely love them! They give a great little extra design element to the space. Our pantry door in the kitchen is red and our front and back doors are green (hence, Green Door Hospitality) 🙂

    • Hi Kenley! I just got a glimpse of your doors and other colorful wall/trim accents over on your blog and they look great! Right now I’m at the point where in theory, I LOVE the idea and I’m ready to pick up a brush…but part of me is nervous I’ll regret it. It’s definitely a project in the running right now but I’m going to think on it some more 🙂 have a great day!

  2. Awesome Kristy! I’m leaning towards black as well but there are a few other colors I’m considering. We’ll probably attempt this sooner than later but we have a few other small to-do’s before we tackle this I think 🙂

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