Christmas In Review: 2012

I mentioned the other day that I was going to continue to spread the Christmas cheer a little longer, especially since I intended to share a few details from our holiday but never got around to it. Rather than let some of the photos and efforts go to waste, I thought it might be nice to share regardless. I also shared some details here, here, and here. Be forewarned, some of the decor ideas I’m featuring below aren’t really groundbreaking, or especially creative…at all. I’m mostly sharing because I know my Mom would want to see. Given that they live a thousand miles away, she never gets to see our house done up for the holidays. And Mom, given that your obsession with Christmas and decorating is no secret, I knew you’d want to check it out. So this one’s for you.

Our Christmas Tree

So this is probably considered terrible photography but we are trying to learn our camera better and have been playing around with the manual settings on the DSLR. I sort of like how these turned out so in the spirit of creativity and experimentation I present to you blurry Christmas tree…

christmas-tree-2012-2-resized…and twinkly Christmas tree…
christmas-tree-2012-1-resized …and regular Christmas tree…

Sorry she forgot to put her pants on…but I never got around to making that DIY Ruffle Tree Skirt. Best laid plans. It’s definitely on the agenda for next year given that I already purchased the materials. Heck, I may even whip it up in July. For the record, yes, this is a fake Christmas tree. It belonged to Andrew’s Grandmother and in the words of my father-in-law, “it’s 1965 vintage”. A few years ago, I HATED this tree. I grew up with a fresh tree and it’s just what I’m used to. Who moved my tree, ‘er cheese, sort of thing. But this tree has grown on me (no pun intended) and now I adore it. In fact, next year, the tentative plan is to do a fresh tree in our den space, and keep this one here in the living room and deck it out with more of a theme and keep the family ornaments on the den tree. But I have approximately 345 days to figure that out so moving One of my favorite glass

I was all about the “shop your house” concept this Christmas. For starters, I was being cheap and didn’t want to spend money unnecessarily. Second, there is only so much space to store decorations and if you ask Andrew, I have nearly met my quota…he’s going to start charging me for space in the attic soon, I’m sure of it. It’s actually quite fun poking through your items, or even other decor you use throughout the year and try to come up with ways to repurpose and restyle.

Pottery Barn jars with pinecones and small glass ornaments. I found a bag of decorative pinecones at Target earlier in the season for $5 and the ornaments were a clearance buy from Pier 1 a few seasons ago.

christmas-apothecary-jars-2012-3 Below are some apothecary jars from Michael’s that were used during my wedding. The ornaments were from an inexpensive ornaments set from Michael’s a few season ago that I no longer use on the christmas-apothecary-jars-2012-1

Also, I know some family and friends check in here so I’m sharing a few great family shots we took on Christmas Eve. This year, we got dolled up, had a delicious dinner at a local Portuguese restaurant with an even more amazing wine selection, and attended a lovely midnight Mass.

Andrew and me

family-christmas-nj-2012-1 with Momfamily-christmas-nj-2012 with Dadfamily-christmas-nj-2012-2

Look who finally completed one of the Pinterest projects I’d intended to make! I love my monogram berry wreath. See this post for more details. berry-monogram-wreath

And finally…one of my favorites. This picture was taken at my parents house (where I grew up). A few years ago they began putting lights on this little tree out back, set away from the house. It always looks so friendly and magical, especially when it has snowed, and the neighbors love it as it’s visible from other backyards. outdoor-christmas-tree-2012

We are beyond blessed and had a wonderful holiday season celebrating with family and friends. For those family and friends who we were not able to visit with, you were missed and we thought of you every second. As this season draws to a close, we hope you and yours found equal blessings and are entering this new year refreshed. Check back tomorrow as I’ll be posting our favorite holiday cookie recipe as a sweet finish to the holiday recaps. Have a wonderful Monday!


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