Fab Finds Friday: Tar-jay

I love to shop. I’m also sure it’s no secret at this point that my intimate relationship with the aisles of Target are borderline obsessive. I frickin’ love that place. It’s pretty much the running pop-culture joke that you can’t pass the shiny red balls and emerge once more without being at least $100 poorer, so, in that spirit, I’m kicking off a new feature called Fab Finds Friday with non-other than a trip to Target, Tar-jay, Tar-whydoyoumakemespendsomuchmoney-get.

So anyway, not only do I love to shop, but I LOVE a good bargain. I really do love to mix high end items with more affordable, heck, even used (read vintage, goodwill, consignment, hand-me-down) pieces. This is true not only of home design but also fashion (or my lack-there-of). In the coming weeks and months, I’ll plan a little virtual shopping spree…we’ll pop into shops big and small and ooh-and-ahh over some of my favorite home decor items, accessories, and fashion. As I said, I pride myself on finding bargains so I’ll be sure to clue you into some deals as well.

Without further ado, entrez-vous…(oh, and in case you were wondering, I’m not in cahoots with the big red bullseye {target} for this post…I just like to spend my money there…much to my husbands dismay).

Before we ogle the goods, let me share with you that this was my first time blatantly taking pictures in a store. I felt like a crazy person. I was getting sort of nervous and sweaty and was awkwardly holding my phone up in front of me with the camera app open while pushing a cart. I kept spastically looking around me as I quickly snapped photos…more nervous that some employee would walk up to me and demand to know what I was doing. I used to work at Anthropologie, and on more than one occasion I remember having to tell a customer to please stop snapping pictures of the merchandise. For the life of me, I don’t know who came up with that rule. Honestly, people would probably spend more money if they were able to take some snaps of items that speak to them…I know this is so helpful to me when I’m considering a purchase but need to be reminded of the visual once home and debating/designing my space. Anyway, in case you were worried, I was not tackled to the ground by anyone in a red shirt and my phone was not wrestled from my sweaty palms as I imagined it may be. But there are probably a few more Gainesville-ians who think I’m a little bit weird. Also, Andy-cakes deserves a big shout out for being willing to walk around the store with his nut-job of a wife taking photos of things we aren’t really buying. Especially when I kept hissing his name to block me while I took pictures…oh, you want to see some stuff…let’s get to that shall we.

fab-finds-friday-target-1-1-4 I ABSOLUTLELY, POSITIVELY, FLIPPING LOVE THESE MUGS. Sorry for the shout-y caps but they are the bomb dot com. They really stood out to me because of all of our travels, obviously, but I just love the retro vibe. Honestly, I should have picked some up come to think of it…I may go back this weekend and see if there are any in stock.

fab-finds-friday-target-30-1-4 More fun kitchen finds. I loved these olive oil and vinegar bottles (1) and was also smitten with the jars (3). They came in several sizes and had a chalkboard label on the front. This display also had some coordinating serve-ware and kitchen towels, etc. These would make a fabulous shower or wedding gift for those upcoming spring/summer nuptials. Finally, there were some monogram mugs on the display (2) below the destination mugs…these would also make a great gift.

fab-finds-friday-target-31-1-4I’ve really grown to love the seasonal collections of home decor Target has been doing. I was especially smitten with this round and actually snapped up a few pieces for myself. I need to post a mood board soon to give you an idea of the direction I’m taking our kitchen/den space in but needless to say, some of these pieces worked so I snatched them. I immediately fell in love with the ceramic lamp base and blue ikat print shade (1 & 2). It works perfectly in the den and the print and pop of color on the shade is just what I was looking for. Let’s be honest though, I have a major lamp fetish and am beginning to realize I’m accumulating quite the collection. For now, I’m sticking to more bargain finds as I often like to swap things seasonally or change the look altogether…the money I save can be applied towards the POD I’ll need in my backyard to store all my room styling items…sigh. Anyway, they had another great wooden lamp base (3) and ikat shades in beige and yellow (4). I almost splurged on the wooden lamp base but I don’t have anywhere to put it. It did, however, inspire a potential DIY project….
fab-finds-friday-target-32-1-4 Some great decorative items…wooden starburst mirror (swoon) and mirrored wooden trays (double swoon) (1). I purchase a large and medium hurricane (2) for my fireplace mantel and got two golden beeswax candles to put inside, they look great! I really love these finials (3) they make quite the statement on a shelf, mantel, or console as does this darling cloche (4).

fab-finds-friday-target-33-1-4 If you need to add to your menagerie, there were some adorable bookends (1) and yarn wrapped animal figurines (2). These items would look really great as accessories in a baby or child’s bedroom or playroom.


These little lamps (1 & 2) were just darling and I’ve nicknamed the first one lemon-drop. I honestly just wanted to sit back with a glass of lemonade in the patio section and stare at one of these. Andy managed to convince me that we didn’t need either of them but I won’t lie, I really wish I was planning a nursery right now because either of these would have been in the cart and ready for display on a dresser or night stand at home. So, if you’re having a baby, please buy one of these. Honestly, this may just be a go buy it anyway and have it on hand sort of thing…hmmm.


More bright, fun decor for some easy swaps and updates. Funky pillows (1) and throws (2 & 6). In fact, we purchased the throw in number 2 as they are machine washable and I felt the fabric would stand up to our pet hair sitch. I LOVED the saturated color of the throw rug (4). The frames (5) were these neat, wooden frames wrapped in this fabric style cord and the metal hurricanes (3) would be great on a covered patio or sun-room.
fab-finds-friday-target-36-1-4 The fretwork patten of this throw rug (1) was super cool and would look great in a bathroom or as an area rug in a kitchen. Some cute toss pillows (2) great for a teen room. Rustic storage side-table (3)…it didn’t seem sturdy enough to use as an ottoman but it would work perfectly as a little side-table with a tray on top for beverages and storage inside. I LOVE this outdoor pouf (4). Found this bad boy in the patio section and it was made with an outdoor fabric that was durable. Already dreaming of pool parties.

fab-finds-friday-target-37-1-4And finally, because I’m a big sucker for gift wrap I found some bright, graphic bags that I’m sure anyone would love to receive a gift in. I’m especially enamored with the little french bulldog on the bag in the picture top right.

So what about you? Any favorites, gotta-have-em items at Target right now?


4 thoughts on “Fab Finds Friday: Tar-jay

    • I seriously do some damage in there on a regular basis! They are smart though…our grocery sections backs right up to all the new home merchandise so it’s impossible not to notice šŸ™‚

  1. Hehehe!! So funny you should mention taking pictures in Anthropologie! I did that once with my daughter, didn’t get kicked out, but she was so embarrassed of me. I didn’t know there was a rule against this. Love your pictures of Target displays. I don’t make it to the city much to see whats new so it was fun to see.
    Happy Sunday!

    • Hi Beth! That’s funny! It is a little strange snapping pictures in stores but it really helps remind me of things I like or have seen, especially when I’m making some purchase decisions. As for Anthro, I have to say I don’t ever recall reading a “rule” anywhere about taking pictures in the store but the manager of the location I worked in always got a little bent out of shape when people took photos…I always figured they were just trying to have some pics to be reminded of things that might work in their space as they were always taking photos in the home section. Anyway, glad you liked the photos! šŸ™‚

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