No…this is not your favorite ab workout. This is wood planks…wood plank ceilings that is. In the words of Rachel Zoe…I die.

As we approach the new year…I’m scheming projects for around the house. Built-ins around the fireplace (old news, I know), a possible minor kitchen and/or bathroom(s) overhaul (hi husband…you’re probably reading this and I may or may not have clued you into these things…you love meeee), and planking…something. Presumably the ceiling. Not throughout the whole house but just in the kitchen/den space…some wood planks, throw up some crown…cook me, I’m done.

I recently caught a glimpse of a wood plank ceiling in a catalog online somewhere…for the life of me, I can’t recall where…but a search for some inspiration pictures readily turned up images on Houzz, Traditional Home, Coastal Living, and House Beautiful…among others. Brilliant.

This is my new obsession and we need to make it happen. Can you hear the pitter patter of my heart. Here’s some inspiration and what’s making me swoon at the moment.


Southern Living

What are your thoughts on this detail? Have you planked out your ceilings or own a home where this was part of the finish work? What are your thoughts on the “timelessness” of this look? Hubby hubs had a good point and said…”Will we look at this in 15 years and say what were we thinking?” He equated how this may look someday to how we currently feel about his parents massive wall of stone that surrounds their fireplace. It was innovative and chic in 1984 I’m sure, and now it looks like you’ve gone spelunking in their den. It’s a horrid picture but take a gander at the wall behind us in this photo:
Yes, it happened. I would seriously give my left arm to gut and makeover that house. It’s an  AWESOME property with great bones right on the Gulf…maybe we’ll inherit it and I can have my way with it. There I go getting off topic again. Have a fab day!

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