Break It or Take It: Mercury Glass

Here’s one that’s short and sweet. Let’s talk mercury glass. A cursory internet search reveals that “mercury glass” was produced from the mid-1800’s through the early 20th century. True mercury glass was created through a special procedure involving blown glass that was then treated with a silvering solution. I would LOVE to track down some authentic mercury glass to add to my decor. Luckily, we have several pretty stellar regional antique shops so I may need to make a field trip soon for a look around. Anyway, I love the look of this glass and I’ve mentioned before that for me, it has this modern, yet vintage, rustic, yet sleek quality about it. The soft shimmer and shine is perfect for the holiday season as it translates to a “frosted” appearance and looks especially fabulous when reflecting the light and color of your holiday decor.

Mercury glass is certainly on trend and is splashed all over the pages of our favorites like Ballard Designs, West Elm, Z Gallery, and Pottery Barn. Luckily, other favorites such as Target (obvi) are interpreting the trend at affordable prices. Of course, I’ll take it.

(Gosh, I really need to do some bargain recon at other retail locations…in my defense, the extent of our bargain variety shopping here in Gainesville is pretty much…Target.)

A few lovely items from the old P. Barn

pottery barn mercury glass


The pillar holders (above left) will set you back $39.50 to $49.50. The hurricane (shown here in red) is $69 and the taper holders bottom right are $19.50 apiece.



Here are a few of my Target finds. Only problem is, it appears that the pillar holders and taper holders, above left and right respectively, are no longer available online paired with the fact that I can’t find my receipt, equals I do not recall what I paid. Sorry! What I can say is that each item, with the exception of the hurricane pictured center, was under $20. The hurricane is still available online. There are two sizes: mine is a medium which was $24.99 and there is also a large hurricane for $39.99. I love saving!


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