Modern Gilded Glitter Trees

I’m all about the holiday crafts this year. Between items I have around the house, Christmas decor that I already own, and some deals I found on goodies to make a few projects, the house is looking quite festive if I do say so myself. I’ll have some updates to share all week regarding decor ideas and projects for the holiday season but for now I’d like to share this quick little project that I completed last night.

I was inspired by these adorable “trees” from Target.


I love the modern appeal of this little “tree”. Rather than a more traditional interpretation of a mini tree, this type of decor lends a bold, graphic appeal. For my own decorating, I like a mix of more traditional and rustic elements contrasted with bold, modern styling. Rather than purchase a few of these trees, I thought it would be fun to make a few…plus the color scheme that I had in mind wasn’t something that was available. Off to Michael’s I went to gather my supplies.

I purchased three floral foam cones (small, medium, and large), 5 packages of glitter balls, and a can of spray paint. You’ll also need a glue gun. In case you judge the merit of a project based on whether or not it’s a bargain (let’s be honest, I do) the total cost to make 3 of the tree’s you’ll see below was approximately $12.00. Between sale items and coupons I saved a few dollars that made this a very wallet friendly venture.

The day before, I spray painted the cones brown. Inevitably, some of the green floral foam would have shown through the gaps between the balls so I chose a complementary spray paint color for a nice solid background. Obviously, choose a spray paint that complements your color scheme. I used Krylon Short Cuts spray paint. I then allowed these to dry overnight.

modern gilded glitter trees

modern gilded glitter trees

Construction was simple. The glitter balls were of varying sizes so I just sort of picked and chose and hot glued them to each cone. I wanted there to be a slightly uneven appearance for texture and interest.

modern gilded glitter treesmodern gilded glitter treesmodern gilded glitter treesmodern gilded glitter trees

They then found their new home on my console table in the living room. My only complaint is that I wish they were a little taller. The proportion of these trees on the console seems a bit off but they look festive regardless. I may relocate them but for now they’ll stay put.

modern gilded glitter treesmodern gilded glitter trees

Overall, I do love how these turned out. I’m particularly fond of the color scheme and I was happy to have found these glitter balls in that gilded bronze color. I’m all about jewel tones and non-traditional colors for the holidays. Red, green, and silver can be so overrated….don’t get me wrong, I definitely use those colors too…but pops of some unexpected colors go a long way.

modern gilded glitter trees

PS: I say balls a lot in this post. And it makes me chuckle. Grow up Caitlyn.

PPS: I linked up this project to share with the blogosphere…see below. Don’t forget to click through the image to check out the link party hosted by Hi Sugarplum! and take a peek at all the other Christmas crafts. Great stuff over there!



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