Pinterest Party Success

As I mentioned the other day, the girls (Holly, Sam, Sara, Allison, Christine and I) descended upon my lovely friend Alexa’s lovely townhouse on Friday night to stop pinning and start doing. We had all agreed that this would be a fun way to get in some girl time, relax, and accomplish a festive Christmas project. We had also agreed to more or less complete the same craft so we could share materials and assistance as needed. Cue the burlap bubble wreath I mentioned in this pinterest party

These wreaths were so easy to make and came out fantastic. We spent the evening cutting our burlap squares (go Alexa for doing this ahead of time!) and folding and pinning away (<- pinning with actual pins this time). We learned that burlap is REALLY itchy and kinda smells funny. I also learned that one should use pins with larger pin heads so they don’t pull through the open weave of the burlap fabric. It was taking me twice as long to complete my wreath and that’s because for every one pin the girls were using I had to use five to make my squares stay on. Grrr. Thanks girls for donating some pins to my cause!

burlap bubble wreaths

burlap bubble wreaths

As you can see in the photos, we added some trimmings to the wreaths to make them more festive for the holidays. These items are easily removed and can be replaced with other trim for other seasons…think flowers, etc.

burlap bubble wreath trim

My wreath.

burlap bubble wreath

I loved the color scheme of these bunches of faux berries. The white, green, and turquoise give a wintery/holiday appeal…a less literal approach to Christmas.

burlap bubble wreath

It’s new home on my front door.

burlap bubble wreath

Also, in case you were wondering about the cute berry monogram wreath, Samantha dared to be different and braved the hot glue gun to complete this project. How are the fingertips doing Sam? Also learned on this particular evening…hot glue is HOT. Anyway, the monogram was adorable and I’m looking forward to completing mine soon.

Finally, just in case you were worried about any of these crafters going hungry…definitely a non-issue. We love food. We love making food. We love eating food. We love looking at food. We love wine too. So, we had a festive spread of Pinterest inspired treats including jalapeno popper dip, baked brie with apples, s’mores crescents, and winter sangria.

holiday treats

I highly recommend organizing an evening like this. It was a great change of pace instead of going out to dinner, a movie, or a bar. We wore comfy clothes, it was low key, and we had a chance to catch up and kick back. Overall, it was a great night with great friends and what I think are the beginnings of a wonderful new tradition.

Have you organized any marathon crafting sessions inspired by Pinterest? I mandate everyone do this as it was loads of fun. Also, we’d love to see your finished projects so feel free to share any of your favorite Pinterest success stories!

PS: Recall I mentioned in my initial post about the Pinterest party that these projects were inspired by Pinterest. I did not come up with these projects myself nor devise the tutorials. We gladly followed along with the great tutorials provided on other blogs for each project so please visit this post, and link back to the original articles for instructions on how to complete these crafts.


3 thoughts on “Pinterest Party Success

  1. The wreath looks great on your front door! And you are absolutely right about the food – we love to eat food, make food, talk about food, and look at food – YUMMMMMM!

    • Hey Lucy! Good question…First, I like making stuff so sometimes I’ll make something anyway even though it may be technically cheaper to buy the item…I considered this fact with the wreath and other decor I’ve made…but again, I typically just generally like to craft so that’s worth it to me. The good news is this was pretty cheap. The fabric/craft stores in town typically have some great coupons and I was able to get at least 40% off on the materials. I think in total, the wreath cost me $10.00 to make. Not bad 🙂

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