Garage Update

While I was nursing a wicked migraine yesterday, Andy tackled a shelving project in his man cave (AKA our garage). I have this thing about our garage…it NEEDS to be neat. I don’t mean like neat…I mean spic and span. It’s sick I know. I mean, it’s where we park our cars, and put the lawnmower, and take our shoes on and off…it’s bound to be a little dirty right??…SUPPOSED to be a little dirty even. But it DRIVES ME CRAZY. To add insult to injury, it gives me hives when not only is there a layer of grit in there but also when it’s a cluttered mess. (Gosh, reading back over this paragraph is making me realize I probably need to seek treatment…I swear I made myself sound more OCD than I am but still…). You see, growing up, my Dad (hiya Dad…I say the following with love) would clean the garage ALL THE TIME. And I don’t mean just tidy up. I mean empty the whole dang thing out, hose it out, wipe everything down, put everything back, and do it all again in a month. Ok, so maybe every month is an exaggeration but you seriously could eat off the floor in there. In his defense, it was probably much cleaner by default because they never parked the cars in the garage but nevertheless it was always very clean. I guess I’ve subconsciously set this precedent in my mind that my garage should in some way be up to the task of hosting dinner parties. I need a reality check.

Recently, I’ve decided to try to be a little more laid back about the garage sitch. It is, after all, the place where my handy husband keeps all his tools to work on our projects and fix stuff. Additionally, since we have an acre + of property to care for, and we’d rather not bleed green hiring someone to do the lawn, we need a home for our riding mower and other yard beautifying necessities. We were recently thisclose to purchasing a shed but those things are pricey and we realized we’d be spending an arm and a leg for a shed that wasn’t really the look we were going for on our property. But this post isn’t about a shed, more on that another time…back to the point.

Andrew had two of these bad boys lying around and decided to do a little organization of his man space.


A while back Andrew purchased these shelves for another project (I don’t recall what specifically) but decided to go in another direction so these have just been sitting around waiting for the right opportunity. In case you were wondering here are the specifics:

IKEA EKBY TRYGGVE SHELF 46 7/8 x 11″ $6.99/ea.

He decided that his workbench area was a cluttered mess (true story), and these shelves could be put to good use by bringing some organization and storage to the equation. After a quick trip to Home Depot for a few supplies he was ready to roll. And with the blink of an eye and the buzz of the cordless drill we went from this:

garage organization

to this:

garage shelves

Per the hubs, installation was simple. He used:

ClosetMaid SelfTrack Hang Track 40″ in White ($13.40)

ClosetMaid ShelfTrack Standard Hanging Track 60″ in White (2 @ $12.26/ea)


Rubbermaid 9″ D Twin Track Bracket in White (4 @ $2.95/ea)

closetmaid selftrack

rubbermaid shelf bracket

(be sure to secure the shelves with screws so they remain sturdy)

Finished product.

garage shelves

So, in case you were curious, this project isn’t technically complete. The next time we head down to IKEA, we’ll pick up a few more shelves add another two rows to this set up. It was good to get it started though! Based on what we will need to finish the project, including two more shelves and the brackets, here’s a quick breakdown of the cost:

IKEA EKBY TRYGGVE Shelves – 4 @ $6.99/ea.

ClosetMaid SelfTrack Hang Track 40″ in White – 1 @ $13.40

ClosetMaid ShelfTrack Standard Hanging Track 60″ in White – 2 @ $12.26/ea

Rubbermaid 9″ D Twin Track Bracket in White – 8 @ $2.95/ea

Total: $89.48

Here’s the deal. At the end of the day, I can’t claim that this was some earth shattering budget friendly project. To be honest, I was a little surprised when I saw that start to finish this project cost just about $90. But, a quick search of the major home improvement sites demonstrated that purchasing a shelving unit or cabinet would have set us back over $100 and we would have needed to put it together as well. So, I’ll call this one a win. It definitely created more space and organization in this nook of the garage and got things up off of the floor and work surfaces. Looking forward to getting the remaining shelves up and tackling a few other storage projects for the garage.

Speaking of garage storage…I’d love to hear about your storage solutions and ideas. I’m always looking for attractive a creative ways to organize this space! Maybe one day I’ll have a garage that looks like this!

Finally, we were not enticed or compensated by Home Depot, ClosetMaid, Rubbermaid, or IKEA in any way to feature these products. We chose them because we’ve used them in the past, had good experiences, and the price is right. 

2 thoughts on “Garage Update

  1. I’m with you on having a tidy garage, so as your sister from another here’s my fav trick….

    For all those spare screws, bolts, washers etc put them in old food jars. Then screw the lid of the jar to the underside of a shelf. You’ll need more than one screw to stop the jar spinning but the hanging clear jar makes things easy to see, label and find items quickly. Also a row of pretty jars can look nice too!!

    I wish I could take credit for this tip but I saw it in some apocalypse movie when I was a kid. It’s quite genius!

    Love Lucy

    • Lucy! I LOVE this idea! We definitely use our fair share of jars with sauces and whatnot so what a great way to reuse, recycle, and be creative! The best part is your source of inspiration. I’m all about inspiration in unexpected places 🙂 xoxo

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