Break It or Take It: Ballard Designs Portofino Mirror

I have a small large obsession with circular, sunburst, style mirrors. I am especially in love with this 360 degree beauty from Ballard Designs.

It is called the Portofino Mirror and it retails for $299. Ouch.

However, I’ve been coming back to this mirror time and again as I think it’s perfect for the look I’m going for on some wall space in the living/dining area. We have this little expanse of wall that, for the time being, I’ve decided to park a console table near. There needs to be a little eye candy hanging above the table and based on the layout of the room, I felt a mirror would be perfect. Not only does it add some visual interest but I feel like a mirror can help your space look larger by adding some depth and reflection.

The only problem was the price. I feel especially strong about not spending a fortune on wall decor. For starters, I tend to get sick of things and room accessories are a great opportunity to save. Why would I drop $300 when I may be sick of this mirror in a year? So, before giving in I went on the hunt. Lo and behold, HomeGoods for the win!

I found this near exact replica of the Portofino mirror at my local HomeGoods for $49.

Now I have loads of cash leftover to continue styling my console table and possibly the space surrounding the mirror. Honestly, the savings was practically enough to purchase one of the two rugs I still need for this space. Either way, as you can see, this little nook is still a work in progress. I’m going back on forth on whether or not I’m going to update the console with some paint, and I’m still working on the accessorizing…lamp, wall art, etc., but it’s a start.

Ok, so what deals are you finding out there? I want to hear about them!


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