Thanksgiving 2012 Recap

This post is dedicated to my Mother, especially, who helped me out big time from afar in hosting our Thanksgiving celebration. I knew you’d want to see some pictures of our day and some of the decor so here you go!

Our first Thanksgiving in the Carey household was a success! I managed to get a little fall decor accomplished as well as feed 12 people hot food. I call it a win.

Andrew and I had hosted a Thanksgiving celebration a few years ago in our old house, but my Mom had done a significant portion of the cooking. The decor also consistent of a paper fall leaves garland and plastic tablecloth…true story. This year, I NEEDED to channel my inner Martha so we decided to host our families again. This year, I flew solo on the cooking as my parents weren’t able to come visit (can’t wait to see you guys at Christmas though!) and it was extra fun because this was the first official family holiday celebration we’ve had in this home. Our guests included Andrew’s parents and grandmother, my grandfather and his lady-friend (as he likes to call her), Andrew’s brother and his girlfriend, as well as Andrew’s cousin, her husband, and their son. Luckily, I get along with my in-laws very well and I had a great time hosting them. I also need to offer a big shout out to my mother who emailed me an entire Thanksgiving “syllabus” complete with step-by-step prep and day-of instructions for getting the meal on the table. Couldn’t have done it without ya Ma.

Here are some highlights of the day:


In actuality, I didn’t really do much. I typically hang a nice fall inspired wreath on the door and I set out a few little fall vignettes including some glass pumpkins, etc. I actually shy away from too many decorations because things can start looking like a Pier 1 Imports fast…there is a fine line between decor to evoke the holiday spirit and looking like a gift shop. Also, given that we are still in the beginning stages of furnishing our home, and areas such as near the fireplace could use built-ins, I don’t feel like I have many surfaces to put stuff. So I keep it simple, a few touches here and there…here are some examples:

Fall Wreath, Smith and Hawken from Target. (obviously taken around Halloween)…also, please excuse the awful gardening…who killed those plants?!

Glass Pumpkins (PS these were a Ross find a few years ago…I’ve seen similar each season at Ross and HomeGoods.) Also, this mirror is new! Is it from Ballard Designs or is it a great Break It or Take It find? Stay tuned for a post this week to find out.

Fall vignette on the mantel. It’s a little hard to tell I suppose but I arranged a raffia pumpkin, a wire turkey decoration, and my Pilgrim nutcracker. I found the Pilgrim at Target a few years ago (they have similar each season) and the turkey was from HomeGoods, also purchased a few years ago. It’s has a votive holder as well and looks cute in the evening with a little candle behind it. The raffia pumpkin is from Pier 1 and I purchased that on clearance this season…about $5.00. On the other side I found these great mercury glass pillars for the holidays. I LOVE mercury glass for the holidays especially the vintage sparkle it gives. Look for some more details on some Break It or Take It Mercury glass in a post coming soon.

Below is the beautiful fall centerpiece my parents sent to us from a local florist. I loved the colors and it was a nice addition to the table for Thanksgiving. (PS: if you think there is something different about this picture, there is. We hung curtains in the dining area! More to come in another post.)

I served water from my Pottery Barn drink dispenser. I received this as a wedding gift and I especially love this one because it comes with a base that can be filled with various items depending on your theme or decor. I had some pears and oranges which I arranged in the bottom of mine to make it look more festive for Thanksgiving.

Ok, so no one has a twelve seater dining table. We tacked on a folding table to the end of our dining table and yes, that is a brown plastic table cloth you see. The other one is a great tablecloth I purchased at Target…festive enough for Thanksgiving but neutral enough for other times of year as well…I wasn’t about to purchase two of them for this one event so we went with something disposable for the other end of the table. (Eeesh…who slacked and didn’t iron the tablecloth?? Seriously, these things bother me…oops!)


It literally took me five minutes to work up the courage to reach into the turkey to pull out the neck and giblets. EEK! I’ve never prepped a turkey before and this was a bit gruesome.

Ok, so this picture was a little embarrassing to share but Andrew says he hears Julia Child when looking at this photo and we’ve both been rolling with laughter so figured you may get a kick out of that too…


The whole crew sitting down to dinner (minus Andrew, the photographer)

Andrew and I with our surviving grandparents. My grandfather and Andy’s grandmother.

I hope everyone else had as wonderful a Thanksgiving as we did. Now, off to go decorate for Christmas! Look for some fun posts this week on some holiday crafts and decor ideas…I’ll be documenting trying my hand at a DIY ruffle tree skirt and our first annual girls night Pinterest holiday crafting party.


4 thoughts on “Thanksgiving 2012 Recap

    • Awe thanks steph! good to hear from you! Hope you had a fab T-day as well and I’m so sad I missed the PV reunion…did you make it? Hopefully we’ll run into each other one day…i’d love to see ya again! xo

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