Break It or Take It: Pottery Barn Dining Table and Chairs

Are you sitting down? I hope so because I have a Break It or Take It installment that’ll turn your 6 seater table into a 10. Pull up a chair and let me refresh your memory.

First, check out this post to reintroduce yourself to my Break It or Take It concept. Now that we’re all on the same page, join me in the shameless act of coveting everything in the Pottery Barn catalog. Mainly, dining table and chairs.

You see, we currently have this sad excuse for a gathering place that was a hand-me-down from Andy’s grandparents. The bolts on the chairs need tightening and the seats need to be recovered. The table could also use a coat of paint or stain…actually, you may be wondering why the heck this is even a problem. I mean, I love a good furniture DIY project. Actually, I’ve been waffling back and forth over sprucing up what we currently have or investing in something new. The truth of the matter is that the style of the table and chairs are actually super cool and retro and would probably look quite spiffy with some fresh paint and tricked out seat covers, but I just don’t think it achieves the look I’m going for in my dining room. Alas, we’ve decided to part with it and purchase something new.

Cue the drool marks on my Pottery Barn catalog. I’ve been obsessed with the Seagrass Chairs and Solomon Dining Table for MONTHS. But, at almost 3 G’s, they were a tough pill to swallow. I like to keep my Benjamin’s in the bank where they belong, thankyouverymuch. So, I was on the hunt…for something cheaper, but that didn’t sacrifice general design aesthetic. And then, JACKPOT. Oh Target, how I love you…you always seem to have everything I need…even shit I don’t, yet you convince me I need it anyway. Brilliant.

In this case, luckily, I needed a new dining room table and six chairs. Here’s the scoop:

Break It version:

Pottery Barn Seagrass Chair

($199 each)



Pottery Barn Solomon Dining Table

($1699 – $1899)



Take It version:

Target Andres II Side Chair

($149 each)


Target Andres Distressed Dining Table




At the Pottery Barn prices, the dining table and six chairs would have cost almost $3,000. However, the Target “Take It” version sets you back just a little over $1100.

I can hear you saying it can’t get much better than that. Well, you’re right…almost. If you are a savvy shopper and watch carefully for sales, promos, etc., you can save even more, which is just what I did when I purchased this table and chairs from Target online. I happened to catch a furniture sale the other day and snagged 6 of the chairs for $125 each plus the dining table for $175. Additionally, I used my Target Visa to make the purchase and that awarded me another 5% off plus free shipping! I pee-peed a little from excitement. (You really don’t even imagine, at the age of like, 15, that purchasing furniture at a huge steal will be the highlight of your month). Anyway, my whopping grand total was $931.48.

Can’t wait to get this baby situated in my dining area. PS, the living/dining room is coming together nicely! We’ve made some progress recently on the decor front and have some updates and more Break It or Take It deals to share. Stay tuned!


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