Is There Anybody Home?

“Hello? Is anybody in there? Just nod if you can hear me…is there anybody home?” Haha! I have the Pink Floyd lyrics to Comfortably Numb stuck in my head as I contemplate what you must be thinking in regards to my whereabouts on this blog.

I’ve missed Get Carey’d Away and it’s good to be back! I’m actually sitting here in disbelief  that I haven’t posted since July. It’s amazing how time flies.

Anyway, in case you were wondering where I went, I’ve been sitting right here, at home, staring at still undecorated walls and drowning in a sea of decorating indecision. Things have also been pretty crazy too. I changed jobs, AGAIN (<– God only knows what you all think of me), because I was really, really unhappy with the way my career path was going. I’m going to make a very long story VERY short, and just leave you with the fact that I’m now doing what I love and I have an amazing schedule to boot. I now work 4, 10 hour days, so I have 3 day weekends each week to be über productive, and time to explore other interests (such as blogging), etc. As a matter of fact, I have two blogs…this one, and my health and fitness blog called The First Rep.

For awhile now, both of these babies have taken a back seat. For a long time, I was focusing strictly on The First Rep as fitness related activities are more or less a part of my daily life, therefore I felt like I had more to say and share on a consistent basis. For the past few months, I haven’t really had much to discuss here as we were apportioning funds to other activities and home improvements took a back seat. What I do not want to be is a blogger who just blogs about nothing for the sake of blogging. I want what I have to say to be relevant, informative, or be something concrete I can share…for the most part. So, I’m at peace with not stressing about a super daily blogging schedule. I know all the mumbo-jumbo about retaining readers with super regular posts, but guess what, I’m not Facebook or CNN with an endless streaming newsfeed…I’m a real person who has stuff to share but gets busy and sometimes just doesn’t have the motivation to write. If you like what I have to say, you’ll come find me and forgive me the occasions I have a few lapses. Either way, I’ve given myself up to blogging organically and on a schedule that feels right and I’m releasing myself of the pressure of scheduled posts. More power to those of you that can function that way, believe me, I love a schedule, but for now, you’ll just have to pop in on me from time to time and see if there is something new 🙂

Ok, on to the good stuff…I’m back posting because things are gearing up in the Carey household again. We have a few projects to recap and some new decor and project plans waiting in the wings…and it’s go time for most of them! Also, as you know, writing has been very helpful for me to process all my thoughts and ideas and help me keep my sanity, and Andrew’s by default. So, without further ado…allow me to present to you our landscaping project this summer.

My parents and brother came down to visit in July. I will always be forever grateful for their willingness to get their hands dirty and help us with projects. They helped us move into this house, they’ve helped us paint, they’ve helped us garden…So, family, I am forever indebted to your gracious outpouring of elbow grease.

Anyway, the perimeter of our pool lanai was looking a little shabby and we all agreed it needed some landscaping to look finished. We kept it simple, we dug out about two feet of grass along the entire perimeter, leveled the soil a bit, planted some azaleas and vibernum, and then laid mulch. It. Looks. Amazing. Upkeep is pretty minimal…we watered incessantly for a few weeks to make sure the shrubs established and I got in and weeded good a few times to keep things looking neat. It’s been an amazing update…in fact, the azaleas are in bloom as we speak.

(PS, major gardening project in the summer heat in Florida, not the most comfortable, but we succeeded.)

Here are some pics of the process:

Andy and my Brother…our two project managers:


Finished product:



Anyway, it was fun getting you all caught up! Please stay tuned as I have some posts coming up in the next few days and weeks regarding what’s been going down at Casa Carey. We have finished the trim painting in the living room, finally, and are on to bigger and better things. We have some furniture rearranging, decorating, mood boards, holiday crafts, DIY projects, and some “Break It or Take It” bargains to share…Pottery Barn look-a-like dining set I just ordered? Yes please! You’ll see it soon!


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