Pinterest Challenge Time

It’s that time again! The Pinterest Challenge is the brainchild of two awesome blogs I follow, Young House Love and Bower Power. They challenged one another to “stop pinning and start doing”. Genius. I mean, what good are all those DIY pins if you’re never gonna try to make any of them!? I participated in one Pinterest Challenge a few months ago and it was a lot of fun! Refresh your memory here and here. Definitely felt a sense of satisfaction in bringing to life a project I’d admired on Pinterest. Now it’s time for another.

For the longest time, I’ve been smitten with a project completed over at Young House Love. I, like Sherry one of the authors over there, have a small obsession with ceramic animal figurines. When I saw that she took some spray paint to an otherwise ordinary ceramic rooster, it was love at first crow for me. Check at her post on the project here.

And a visual of the original project:

This morning, I’ve officially “pinned” this project to my DIY board and will be laquering up a similar rooster that has been chillaxin’ on my kitchen counters for a while. Come to think of it…it’s more “hen” than “rooster” but, whatever. Stay tuned because in a few days I’ll post the before’s and after’s!


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