Spin Cycle

We’re just going to ignore that I haven’t posted since April. To be honest, all’s been quiet on the home front. I decided to change jobs because the last one sucked (new one is AMAZING) and we decided to see a little bit of the world and within one month jetted off to Vegas, Singapore, Vietnam, and Dubai. Needless to say, funds we reallocated for a little globetrotting and we were in maintain mode (aka Catie can’t decorate otherwise we’d be broke) until now.

Next up! Laundry room. For a few reasons:

1. We could use a little more storage.

2. The utility sink is not so pretty <– Andrew is still confused why a “utility” sink needs to be pretty…but it does.


3. I’d like to get a fresh coat of white paint up in there and add a little life to the space.

In our last home, we transformed a small laundry room space into a nice crisp, white, clean, and modern place to launder our unmentionables. Hey, they deserve to bathe in style. We ripped down some awful wallpaper border (don’t have pics, it was too much of an atrocity to document) and painted over the walls which had been sponge painted dark blue (some things in life I just won’t understand). We simply painted in a crisp white satin finish and purchased some awesome IKEA cabinets which were super easy to construct and hang ourselves. Same plan for the laundry room in this house. I’ll get pics posted in a few days so you can see some before shots but here’s the plan:

1. Paint the room white, as above.

2. Head to IKEA (hopefully tomorrow) and pick up our cabinets.

3. Sand, prime, and paint the utility sink cabinet and likely replace the counter and sink…still brainstorming on this one.

In the meantime, I’ll leave you with a few laundry room inspiration pics. (All pictures are from Decor Pad).


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