Those in the design know may have heard of Jonathan Adler. A while back he was a host on Top Design, one of those BRILLIANT Bravo reality series shows (can I get’a heck yea for the Real Housewives of…well, name your location 🙂 ). Anyway, I definitely appreciate Adler’s aesthetic and in measured quantities, I feel his textiles and other tchotchkes can add some awesome interest to your space.

I’ve actually been working on a mood board for our family room and I’ve got a few of his pillows that just may make the cut for inspiration. While they charge a little more for their pillows than I’m comfortable spending, at least for the family room, I don’t like to worry too much about the price of items on my mood board…just that they are inspirational. The fun comes later when you go on the ultimate hunt to find a fabulous bargain look alike or a way to score the real thing for less…hello clearance sales and Craigslist.

Anyway, I was perusing the Jonathan Adler website before and I came across their Manifesto. And it made me smile. And I feel like sharing.

Sleep tight friends!


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