Well folks, the day recently arrived where we were actually, in all seriousness, for real this time, PAINTING!

Here’s a quick run through on some of the steps we took and a little picture progression from out of the gate through to the finish line.

Prepping the walls and priming:

After we completed our wall texture repair (read all about it here, and here) we prepped the walls for priming and painting by first washing the walls with a solution of water and Trisodium Phosphate (TSP). Actually, I should clarify that we use a phosphate free TSP (there are several kinds available at your local hardware chain). We’re trying to do our part to be environmentally friendly and not dump phosphates into the water supply. Anyway, this cleaning solution is fantastic for cutting grease, dust, mold and mildew, etc, that builds up on your walls and helps give you a great foundation to put all that expensive paint on.

We then applied primer. We like Kilz 2 latex primer. Which begs…to use primer, not to use primer…that is the question. We acknowledge there are loads of opinions on this but we stand in the “prime the walls” camp. For us, this has historically provided the best result. Just as an aside, I do not use primer before repainting the trim.

Below, walls are primed!



First, awhile back we’d gone ahead and painted the ceiling. As above, we cleansed the ceiling with the TSP substitute solution and then just repainted it with your basic white ceiling flat. We like Behr Premium Plus Flat Interior Ceiling Paint available at Home Depot.

Anyhow, recall we chose Moonshine by Benjamin Moore (feel free to refresh your memory here). We had this color mixed in a Benjamin Moore base called Regal Select Waterborne Interior Paint in Eggshell.

I realized after the fact that this product is considered a paint and primer in one. However, a few years back we used a paint/primer product that we were so-not-pleased with. Oh well, we had already primed. BUT, this product was such a pleasure to work with I may go rogue and skip the priming step when we move onto painting the kitchen/den area with this same color and product. It provided great coverage and the application was so smooth.

As for trim, we chose to use the Benjamin Moore Ben line of latex paint.

This was a little cheaper than the paint we used for the walls. I figured since the trim wasn’t as gigantic in surface area as the walls, I’d go ahead and save a little green. You see, the Regal Select set us back $49.99/gallon and Ben was only $36.99/gallon. Given that we needed SO MUCH PAINT for the walls, saving some cash was definitely the way to go. By the way, we opted for the color Decorators White for the trim in a semi-gloss finish. It looks so crisp against Moonshine and really pops resulting in a serene, modern, yet classic look.

At this time, we have the crown molding and baseboards painted. Now, we only have to finish painting the trim around the doors and some doors themselves. Our bedroom door, the laundry room door, the coat closet door, and some pocket doors leading to the kitchen are visible when closed and definitely need a coat of paint to finish the look. We’ll plan on using Decorators White on those as well.

Here are some after shots (and another sneak peek at the very beginnings of tackling the decor in here…mind you, there’s a looong way to go on that).


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