Sneak Peek

Happy Easter! Hope everyone is enjoying a fabulous weekend with friends and family, whether you celebrate this holiday or not :). I’m super excited because my parents are visiting from New Jersey. My vowels are awlready sufferin’ becauwse I’m pickin’ up the accent again from listenin’ to my parents tawlk. Anyway, I’m also really happy because I get to have the whole week off, and then some, with my parents. I haven’t had this kind of time  off to visit with them in years so that’s really fun. I’ll have to get my GTL on. Actually, my husband, of all people, clued me in on what that means…Gym, Tan, Laundry. HAHA! Oh Jersey Shore…I don’t watch you, but I lived you a little bit (word up Seaside Heights for Prom after party!) I digress…

An update on my non-blog life…I took another job opportunity (I’m a Speech Pathologist and Rehabilitation Director by day) and I have the luxury of a few weeks off before I start my new job. I’ll have loads of time for working on some house projects, blogging, and traveling. We’ll be jetting off to Las Vegas and then spending two weeks overseas to visit some friends in Singapore. We’ll also hit up Vietnam and Dubai. Could you get anymore random than that?!

Ok, I did want to get around to sharing a few sneak peeks of some things we’ve been working on. I took these pictures with the Instagram app on my iPhone. I’ve never really used it before and it rocks.

(ps…these condescending wonka pictures get me every time).

First, my darling hubby put together my West Elm barstools mentioned awhile back. They look amazeballs. In fact, my Dad loved them so much that he declared I needed three of them so he was kind enough to purchase us a third as a gift. THANKS DAD! We agree you’re totally right that three at the counter will make all the difference. Good eye!


We also finished painting earlier this week (well, 90% of it…just a little door trim left) and we set up the living room/dining room a little bit. I’ll post again soon and take things back to the beginning for you so you can get the progression of former state of things to the current, but in the mean time, feast your eyes on this.


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