Texturized: Part Deux

So, yesterday we left off with our dry run of drywall texturizing. Today, we have some info on how we completed the final product and got our walls looking ravishingly rough once again…no more bald spackle patches!

We sort of took some liberties with the application of the spray texture. Based on the fact that we couldn’t ultimately determine exactly what “pattern” the original drywall texture was applied in, we sort of did a mash-up, of sorts, of different texture patterns to perfectly blend our patches with the existing wall.

Based on the results from our dry run, it appeared that the best method was to spray the texture onto the wall surface.

(excuse the fact that I look a hot mess…I had just come back from a run…er…jog…hey, it’s somethin’)

Then using the drywall trowel, VERY lightly use the knockdown technique to begin blending the texture onto the wall.

Finally, we used the drywall texture brush to sort of mottle and feather the edges for a more blended look.

The exciting news is that this patch job turned out great and you can’t even tell now that we have paint on the walls.

Wait! What’s that!? We have paint on the walls?!? Yes, folks you heard it here first…we’ve been busy bee’s all week priming and getting our first coat of paint up. Second coat goes up tonight. Can’t wait to post pics. It looks AMAZING!


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