Texturized: Part Un

So, I’m going to make a resolution to stop promising specific timelines regarding posts. I made a comment on my last post regarding an update on our wall texture project, however, “tomorrow” turned into “5 days later”. My B.

Ok, let’s dive right in.

As you saw in pictures from our last post, the wall had some damage that needed fixing. Here was the plan of attack.

First, apply spackle to smooth things out, let it dry, and then lightly sand with a fine grit sandpaper. Here’s a great tutorial if it’s your first rodeo with the spackle and sandpaper. PS, isn’t spackle a great word!? spackle, spackle, spackle…ok.

Next, fix the fact that you made smooth patches on a textured wall. To do this, we purchased a “wall texture in a can” product recommended to us by a contractor we’ve worked with in the past. However, practice makes perfect so we purchased the following materials to do a few experimental runs before actually applying it to our walls.

The Goods:

1. Small square of drywall

2. Homax wall texture in “orange peel and knockdown”

3. Drywall trowel, spackle knife, and drywall texture brush.

We then proceeded to follow the directions on the can and applied the texture to our practice drywall. Using the spackle knife, drywall trowel, and brush; we experimented with a variety of patterns and textures.

Once we were pleased with the results we held the drywall square up to our actual wall to determine the best method to use during actual application to achieve the desired effect.

Ok! Stay tuned for the final results!


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