So, I’m a few a whole bunch of days behind but I’ve finally completed my Pinterest Challenge project (hosted by Young House Love) and I’m ready to share my adorable coasters. Read about my inspiration here. Here is a link to my original Pinterest pin.

So without further delay, I present to you my coasters…they came out amazing, if I do say so myself.

The directions for this project from The Cottage Home were super easy. All told, the project probably set me back about $15.00 but that was because I had to make an initial investment in some of the materials including the mod podge, fabri-tac, clear acrylic sealer, felt, tiles, sponge brushes, etc.

I already had the scrapbook paper left over from my wedding.

Even though I had to lay out a couple of bucks to get started, I now have plenty of mod podge, adhesive, and sealer left over for future projects…be it more coasters or something else.

First, I cut my 12×12 sheets of scrapbook paper to size using my Martha Stewart Paper Trimmer.

So this is completely embarrassing but the use of the paper trimmer confused me (as I’d never really used it before) but I found this very helpful video to get me started. Once I had my paper squares cut, it was full steam ahead.

The mod podge was very easy to use…I simply brushed an even coat on each tile and centered the square of paper to attach. I let it dry for approximately 1 hour and then returned to begin my application of mod podge coats.

I then let this dry overnight. Once cured, I applied the clear spray sealer outside. Easy peasy.

The final step was to attach felt squares to the bottom of each tile. Because these will be coasters and the tiles will likely sit on tables or other delicate surfaces, be sure not to skip this step. Attaching the felt will serve you well to protect tables and counters from scratches as the bottom of the tiles are quite rough.

I now have an adorable item to protect my table tops and to use for entertaining with the added bonus of being a sweet little reminder of some of the details from my wedding day. Looking forward to tackling more Pinterest projects!



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