20 Questions…

Ok, so more like 11. But I’d like to thank One Loved American Girl for tagging me to continue this charming little “get to know you” of the blogosphere. I agree that this seems like a great way to get to know some other bloggers out there and I have thoroughly enjoyed reading the responses posted by bloggers that have already participated. So here goes.

First a little housekeeping; I’m supposed to post the rules –

The Rules:
You must post the rules.
Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post and create eleven new questions to ask the people you have tagged.
Tag eleven people and link them to your post.
And, let them know you have tagged them.

Here are the questions I have been tasked with answering (I’m all of a sudden really paranoid that I am the most uninteresting person on the planet)…

1. If you could have dinner with anyone living, deceased, famous or not who would they be?

Bethenny Frankel. I seriously love this chick. She is funny, bad-a*s, and real. I think she reminds me of what I hope my alter-ego would be. Sassy northeastern gal who isn’t afraid to go for the gusto and stand up for what she believes in. A quick draw with the wit doesn’t hurt either…I envision a dinner with her being “snort skinny girl margarita out your nose” funny. BUT, if I really only get ONE choice of dinner guest…I would, in all seriousness, choose my grandmother. What I wouldn’t give for just one more meal with that lady…

2. Are you a happy person?

Fundamentally yes. I’m not gonna lie though, I am a bit of a pessimist. I trend towards the attitude of anticipate the worst and hope for the best. I like to be prepared and I’d rather brace myself for disappointment and be thrilled to bits to get to do cartwheels instead.

3. What brings you the most peace on a stressed out day?

Laying next to my husband in bed at night. No bad day can ruin that feeling. I sleep on my stomach and Andrew is usually next to me on his back. We’re close enough so that his hand touches the side of my leg and my hand his. Just that innocent contact is enough to keep me eternally peaceful. I know that’s probably a rather intimate moment that I’m sharing but it makes me so happy that I want to shout it from the rooftops…so here I am, shouting it to the internet.

4. What one accomplishment of your life has most defined you?

Being a decent enough human being that my husband actually wanted to marry me. On a daily basis I try to be the woman my grandmother and mother taught me to be…work hard, love harder, and help your neighbor. Accomplishing that is good enough for me…it is ever the work in progress though.

5. If you can begin any charity for any cause what would it be?

Yikes, this is a difficult one. There are already so many great causes out there that I’ll answer with a link to one that has really piqued my interest lately. Reading Education Assistance Dogs. This appeals to my education as a Speech Language Pathologist (even though I work with adults), love of children, and love of animals.

6. What is your favorite go to dish when having company over?

Eggplant Parmesan. Hands down. With crusty garlic bread and a glass of Malbec.

7. What is your favorite scent?

Hawaiian Tropic sunscreen…because that means it’s summer and we’re probably in our pool or at the beach swimming.

8. What one kitchen item could you not live without (forks and plates are not an option ;) )

Recently, my immersion blender. That thing is quite literally a magic wand…my soup making has entered a whole new stratosphere.

9.  What is your favorite book?

The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein

10. What inspired you to start blogging?

Honestly, all the other amazing bloggers out there. There are so many wonderful blogs and I felt, I too, had something to contribute. Also, so many of our friends/family live out of state and I felt this would be a great way to keep everyone updated on us, specifically as it relates to our home and all the little projects we get into. Finally, it’s a really therapeutic way to “download” all the ideas and thoughts I have floating around in my head and my husband can attest to the fact that I drive him less crazy about home improvement things now that I have this outlet.

The questions I have for others …

1. What is your favorite childhood memory?

2. What is the first thing you purchased with your own money?

3. Have you ever had something happen to you that you thought was bad but turned out to be for the best?

4. What are three songs that you would include on your “life soundtrack”.

5. Summer or winter?

6. What is your favorite spot in your home?

7. What is your hidden talent?

8. Would you rather have many casual friends or one close one?

9. What daily activity bores you?

10. If you could do it over again, what would you study in school?

11. What single piece of technology makes your life easier?


And now, I would like to tag …

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loveinamasonjar – for her super cool, super chic rustic stylings

beautiful,charming,glamorous – because I’d love to be Giselle Bundchen for a day

In Quest of Life – an inspirational blog on health and well-being by a childhood friend who I wish I kept up with better (Hi Steph!)

Cheers Y’all – southern living and charm by a favorite sorority sister (Hi Court!)

Hoof Beats and Footprints – great little adventures featured here, nice photos too

On The Road Again – (I’d like to be on the road at all…) My running inspiration!

Decorating the Dorchester Way – great DIY ideas and I envy her craft room!

Hello Hue – sunshine and creativity

The Apprentice Extrovert – great furniture makeovers

Callaloo Soup – indulgent creativity here


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