A Little Family Room Love

Finally getting around to sharing a few pics of some family room sprucing up I did last weekend. I mentioned a few days ago that it was time to give this space a little TLC and I picked up a few bargains on my shopping trips last weekend.

Couple of points first:

This room is still very much a work in progress. Often, I won’t begin decorating until I have a plan as I’d rather save money to put towards what I really want and love for the space. However, I found a few clearance deals, some of which are in the color palette I’m tossing around, so I felt the small investment in a few items to make the space more warm and inviting was worth it, even if they don’t make the final cut when it comes time to get down and dirty decorating in here.

Here are some BEFORE pics of our family room:

The Goods:

1. Sofa: La-Z-Boy

2. Slipcover and Pillows: Target

3. LACK coffee table and end table: IKEA

4. Floor lamp and Table Lamp: IKEA

5. Woven Chair (cushion was being cleaned): Pier 1 Imports
Here are the AFTER pics:

The Goods will be listed between pictures and I will only list the new items. Please reference the list for the BEFORE pictures.

1. Floor Cushions: HomeGoods

2. Lamp Base: old school Restoration Hardware (my parents gave it to me and it’s probably 10 or so years old). I plan on spray painting this bad boy for an updated look! Not sure what color yet…

3. Lamp Shade: Target

4. Blue Finial: Target

5. Candle: IKEA

6. Natural Pillow Cover with Green Curved Stitching: IKEA

7. Woven Round Pillow: Target

8. Turquoise and Green Pillows: HomeGoods

9. Hurricane: HomeGoods

10. Yellow Candle: Target

11. Blue Dish: Target

12. Tray: Target

13. Over Sized Basket (for pillow and blanket storage): HomeGoods

14. Rug (with rug pad underneath): Target

15. Coffee Table: from a friend (Hi Angie!) This will eventually be painted.

16. End Table: an antique from my parents. Will eventually be re-stained or painted.





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