Urban Outfitted: For Less

I love a good bargain and I very rarely purchase anything full price. As I mentioned in a post yesterday, I scored some great finds on my home shopping spree over the weekend and wanted to share in case my local friends were looking for a bargain as well.

One of my favorite go-to shops in Gainesville is called Urban Thread. It’s this genius concept where they sell catalog returns from Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, Free People, J. Crew, Madewell, etc. (I have no clue how this actually works but that’s what they do). The best part is one of their locations has Anthro and UO home decor! I have found some fantastic bargains there over the years. The items are not used, just returned (so hopefully not used) but the one caveat is that many items have some small damage, irregularities, etc. However, they allow you to FULLY inspect each item before purchase and have no problem if you want to pull open every duvet cover to inspect every last inch. Worthwhile because they don’t except returns.

So, visualize me pulling into the parking lot of the store and noticing yards upon yards of amazing chevron fabric in grays, yellows, turquoise, and amethyst, and practically driving through the storefront window while drooling. I love some zig zag stripes. Here were my finds:

Gray Chevron Curtain Panel (UO price: $34 / Urban Thread price: $18)


Gray Chevron Queen Duvet Cover (UO price: $79 / Urban Thread price: $28)


Turquoise Chevron Shower Curtain (UO price: $44 / Urban Thread price: $18)


Jones Patchwork Sham (UO price $36 / Urban Thread price: $18)


Flourish Bird Shams (UO price $34 / Urban Thread price $12)

(I also bought a pillow in this fabric for $10 but I couldn’t find a pic or the original price on the UO website, so engage your imagination)

I plan on using these items in the guest bedroom and bath. The colors actually coordinate quite nicely and I envision pairing the duvet with the patchwork shams, and then switching it out for the flourish shams, etc. I’m not too afraid to mix patterns but you know the rule, keep things in within the same palette and it coordinates nicely!

Anyway, I just loved scoring these bargains. I always look for deep discounts on awesome home merchandise. As I’ve hinted at previously, I like to create “outfits” for different rooms in the house and change things up seasonally or whenever I feel like it, really. It’s much easier to allow that when you save a bundle! Personally, I’d rather have three great room “looks” to rotate out rather than spend the same amount of money on one room “look” and get sick of it.

How do you keep decor in your home new and fresh? Or, are you happy with one well thought out choice that you can live with for years?


One thought on “Urban Outfitted: For Less

  1. SOOO jealous you can get those curtains for $18 a panel!!!!! That store sounds AWESOME!!!!!! Thanks for sharing!!! And thanks for the tag in your post of 20 questions!!! I will do that when I have a chance 🙂 THANKS!!!!!!

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