Break It or Take It: Beautiful Bellesol

I went bananas shopping this weekend. Andrew was out of town therefore I had PLENTY of time to hit all my favorite budget home decor hot spots including HomeGoods and Target, where I made out like a bandit.

I found loads of budget friendly decor options and picked up lots of goodies to keep charging full steam ahead on our home transformation. I treated myself to a few decorative goodies that I envision gracing our future built-in’s around the fireplace plus some awesome finds that I plan on giving a little DIY TLC to…you’ll have to wait for future blog posts to see what I have in store though!

Also, keep your eyes peeled in a day or two for pictures of some of the decorating I did in the family room this weekend. I’m beginning to notice a pattern…every time Andy goes out of town, I redecorate a room. Briefly, I was getting SICK of sitting in the family room space with its “bare”-ness. It was time for a rug, some colorful pillows, and a few decorative items. I have pretty much decided on the color/decor scheme that will go on in there so also keep an eye out for a mood board I’m working on to illustrate the vision. Lot’s to look forward too this week!

Ok, on to the good stuff. I HAD to share this find. I’ve been coveting these pretty much identical mirrors from Ballard Designs and Pottery Barn…ya’ll know how much I like a sunburst mirror.


Bellesol Mirror – Ballard Designs

(size small $39)


and Rhona Round Gilt Mirrors – Pottery Barn

(set of 3 $145)


Then I found this beauty at HomeGoods for a mere $12.00 (marked down from $19.99, yay sale!)

This mirror is equivalent in size to the small Bellesol mirror from Ballard and one of the Pottery Barn mirrors from the set featured above. Either way, it’s virtually identical to the Ballard and PB mirrors. While you do get a set of 3 with the PB mirrors those are still significantly more expensive than 3 of these would be…a set of 3 of this HomeGoods mirror would only set you back $39. Unfortunately, this was the only one my location had. I’m going to check back with them a few more times to see if any more of these turn up. Also, Mom, if you’re reading…could you look at your HomeGoods in NJ and see if they have any of these? I’d love to get two more to put over the bed in the guest room! (I’ll call ya Ma). Even if I only end up with just this one, I’m sure a good place to hang it will emerge…I have a few in mind already!

Ok, dish…what weekend deals did you score!


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