Use It or Lose It

I saw an advertisement for this business on a commercial yesterday and almost dropped the cat (I was holding him at the time). The pitter patter of my little DIY heart went bonkers…I had visions of patios, sugar plums, cabinetry, and tile dancing in my head.

Check it (click the image to link to their page for more info):

ReUser is located here in Gainesville, Florida and based on their website, they buy and sell new and used building materials including wood, cabinetry, tile, brick, lighting, windows, and trim.

I plan to field trip it there on Saturday to have a look around. I’m keeping my eye out for a few things:

1. Light fixtures. Primarily one for the dining area…I really hope to find something awesome that I can salvage and spray paint!

2. Cabinets. While I’m not planning on working on cabinetry just yet…I’m tossing around some ideas for a laundry room makeover and want to begin gathering some preliminary possibilities.

3. Sink. Also for the laundry room. There is a utility sink in there now, perfect for rinsing paint brushes, but I’m hoping to find something with a little more pizazz…but that I’d still want to rinse brushes in.

4. Lumber and Trim. For possible DIY crown molding projects (I think we want to put crown up in more rooms in the house), our built in’s around the fireplace, and the TV mounting project.

(YES FOLKS! You heard it here first…We’re 81.876% sure we’re going to tackle the built in’s and TV mount ourselves! The TV mount dude…not sure what his “official” job description would be, wanted like $1000 to do it….NOT).

5. Brick. For a possible patio I’d like to build next to the pool lanai that Andrew currently has no idea about. Hi Honey <waves>, I’d like to build a patio!

Looking forward to my trip there on Saturday…I’ll be sure to get some pics of any cool finds and share them here.

What are your favorite sources for items that just need a little polish and a coat of paint to make beautiful again?


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