Feeling Blue

For realz. Epic FAIL on the paint choice. Heavy Goose is more Mother Goose…it looks totally baby blue (It really is a nice color though…just not for this space). Fear not though! Remember, we only purchased a quart of paint our test wall (Andy’s brilliant idea…seriously, he’s genius in his ability to thwart me from terrible decisions). I’m really so glad we did this.

It may be a little hard to tell in the pictures, but trust me…it’s blue.

At first, I was afraid we were sinking too much money into samples but honestly…it would have been a MUCH more expensive venture to have paint mixed and realize halfway through that we hate it. So far, we’re about $40 deep in samples and supplies and that’s ok. I really want to get this right so it’s back to the drawing board.

I know I’ve been breaking my own rules and over thinking this but, I realized I chose a very difficult color to “get right”. Gray is hard. Not only is it already the “color of shadow” so you have to think about your lighting…it’s one of those colors that picks up tones…I’m discovering it’s probably very difficult to pick a true gray, try as I might. And I’ma gonna keep on tryin’.

In the meantime, let me leave you with a few tips on using paint sample testers…because now I feel like an expert after all the samples I have applied in the last 10 days.

1. Don’t cut corners…you want to prime the wall you are testing on. Several sources have indicated that you will get the truest example of the color if you sample it on a white background. I buy into this, for the most part, so that’s what I do.

2. I use a good quality bristle brush to paint a section approximately 2 ft. by 2 ft. … and a 4 ft. by 4 ft. section would probably be even better.

3. Take care not to leave drips or allow paint to build up between strokes of the brush. Feather your edges too. When you ultimately go to paint over your samples, you could potentially notice “squares” where your samples once were. That would be irritating.

4. Let the patch dry completely (patience grasshopper…let it go overnight!) and then apply a second coat.

5. Let dry completely again to obtain truest representation of the color…even then you may be in for a surprise…like we were above. Don’t forget! Observe it for a few days in daylight and at night with artificial light sources.

6. When you think you have a choice, go ahead and get a quart and paint your wall…then, relax. Observe again for several days in different lighting conditions…daylight hours, evening, incandescent light, candlelight, cell phone glow…push some furniture from the room up near it. Have your significant other pose next to it…do what ya gotta do.

7. If it’s still all systems go…get pizza, beer, invite some pals over and have yo’self a painting party.

Ok, it’s off to Benjamin Moore tomorrow to revisit samples…you’ve been so “gray”scious in your patience with our indecision. Hopefully we’ll have some progress to share soon!


One thought on “Feeling Blue

  1. Very great tips! I feel like patience would be tested in this process (having to wait for it to dry, oh man!). Haha! Good luck with the Benjamin Moore samples!

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