Yo Homie

Get yo’self over to Apartment Therapy and feast your eyes on the awesome lists of blogosphere nominations for all blogs home-related. Apartment Therapy has been an awesome inspiration of late and most certainly a gateway to all the other amazing blogs out there…whatever tickles your fancy, including the best of the best home design, cooking, family, and DIY related blogs.

For 2012, Apartment Therapy has brought back The Homies, a survey of all the wonderful blogs out there showcasing a vast array of personal creativity and passion for all things “home”.

So in the spirit of “The Homies“, dougie your way over to Apartment Therapy and check out all the wonderful blog nominations. You can even cast your ballot for us! (Registration is as simple as creating a log-in with your email address, and no, they won’t bombard your inbox, and casting your vote…we’re nominated in the Best Home Design blog category). Be sure to survey the other nominees and vote for your favorites! And, thanks for your support. This blog has been such a fun experience to date and we LOVE LOVE LOVE sharing our home with you.


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