Pretty Tidy

I have a wonderful recent blog discovery I must share. It’s an awesome little corner of the web called IHeart Organizing. And I LOVE it because, well, I heart organizing too! Even better, I love organizing in a pretty fashion and this particular blogger, Jen, is the ultimate inspiration. Remember my post a few weeks ago? I love pretty files, folders, and holders. I’m motivated to stay organized and use organizational tools when they are fun to look at. Even better, though most organizational solutions are technically for utility, there is no rule that states they also can’t be pretty. <– Te-he, little rhyme there šŸ˜› AND, if organizing solutions can serve dual purposes as decor AND a way to keep your stuff tidy…well, that’s a win-win in my book. I’m real excited because this particular blogger is hosting a link party this coming week to feature and share ideas on “pretty” organizing/storage projects. (Click on the picture below to link back to the IHeart Organizing blog for more details on the challenge.)

This is just the kick in the tush I needed to get moving on a few projects I’ve been wanting to complete. Here is a short list of a few projects I’m thinking of working on for the challenge (click on the pics below to link back to the source for tips and how-to’s):

1. Line the kitchen desk drawers with pretty paper.

2. Line medicine cabinets with decorative paper.

3. DIY some baskets, etc., for current built-ins in the family room for pet storage.

4. DIY a pretty pet storage station for some of the furballs most used items (leashes, favorite toys, treats).

Check back in a few days to see what project I complete! (I’m smelling a trip to Michael’s and Jo-Ann fabric tomorrow!)

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