Eeny, Meeny, Miny…I Don’t Know

As mentioned in a previous post, we re-primed and put up two additional paint samples that had been recommended along with repainting swatches of the two original front-runners. Here’s the results:

1. Agreeable Gray – Sherwin Williams

2. Heavy Goose – Martha Stewart for Home Depot

3. Repose Gray – Sherwin Williams

4. Moonshine – Benjamin Moore

(just a disclaimer…these colors look slightly different on the computer, at least on my monitor…for example, samples #1,3, and 4 read much more “greige” in person…on my computer monitor I’m picking up a much more “true” gray).

Thoughts…Agreeable Gray looks totally brown in our house; Repose Gray looks “greige” and a tad too dark (lovely color though overall); Moonshine looks like the “truest” gray of the bunch but still has a slightly queasy green/tan undertone in our lighting; Heavy Goose is still my favorite but has the strongest cool blue undertone <– makes me a little nervous that this will read baby blue when an entire wall is this color.

Where we are at now…

Andy mandated that I stop pulling out samples to look at (as above) and last night, we stopped at Home Depot and picked up a quart of Heavy Goose (which has been the front runner all along). It was the sample that was my favorite on the paint chip, it’s been my favorite on the walls…I guess that’s saying something, right? We’re going to paint the two primed walls you’ve been looking at in these pictures and then live with the “larger swatch” for a few days. If I don’t continue to feel paranoid that it looks too blue, then my friends, we just may have a winner…we’ll keep you posted…I know you are just on the edge of your seats with anticipation.


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