Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

I can’t even talk about paint right now.

Don’t even get me started…let’s not go there. I apparently can’t take my own “don’t over think it” advice and there has been an internal power struggle going on in my mind for 36 hours…it goes a little something like this (imagine one long frantic, whiny, paranoid stream of consciousness):

“that color is too blue, well no, now it looks sort of silver…ok, well that color is too ‘greige’…why did we paint over the first set of samples because now I want to see those again…why don’t we just DO IT and paint in Heavy Goose and be done with this…no WAIT don’t do that, let’s think about this some more…ok, well what about that color…let’s take ALL the paint chips out again and look through them…”

Oh. My. God. Someone put me out of my misery.

We have two new samples on the wall next to the original front runner, Heavy Goose, at the moment. Pictures to come tomorrow…I swear we have a plan and we’re getting close to deciding but for now I’ve decided to ignore it. Instead, I’ve been laying in bed most of the evening (it’s a chilly, rainy night here in the sunshine state) goofing around on Pinterest (follow me here) and looking for fun DIY projects to do.

Not that long ago, I discovered that there were some relatively easy projects that one could DIY to make decor for the home. Though I generally avoid mirrors like the plague (typical female hang-ups about appearance, you know) … lately, my obsession has been with mirrors, particularly sunburst mirrors. I’m obsessed with a few from Ballard Designs and I have one place in the casa in particular where I would like to incorporate one. They come with a pretty price-tag though … and by pretty, I mean pretty big. Then I discovered a bunch of tutorials on how you can craft your own. This appeals to me greatly. Overall, I feel the investment in attempting to make my own is small, therefore if I end up in epic fail territory, no harm done. BUT, if I succeed…cha-ching for my savings account. Dolla bills saved and awesome new accessory obtained…plus, I can only imagine the satisfaction of crafting your own decor is pretty great. So, I’m collecting ideas and as soon as the massive painting project is completed … we’ll hone in on attempting one of these beauties.

Oversized Sunburst Mirror – Ballard Designs $349

 DIY Sunburst Mirror – Featured on K Sarah Designs (includes a tutorial)

Also, check out a few other sources here, and here, for pics and tutorials on other great mirror projects!

I’m curious. Has anyone attempted to DIY a cool mirror, or other piece of decor. I’d love to hear about it…even see some pictures!

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