House of Windsor

This post has nothing to do with Queen Elizabeth II…rather, it has everything to do with the new bar stools I just purchased from West Elm! I have been coveting these for WEEKS. In a past life, I would have seen and bought, but for some reason I am being much more discerning…’er indecisive…these days.

Anyway, I shopped around, thought about it, put off purchasing even as I watched TWO sales come and go, and FINALLY, I snapped these beauties up with the Presidents Day discount (15%) and some Pottery Barn gift cards from the wedding.

*Awesome aside, Pottery Barn, West Elm, and Williams Sonoma are “related” and honor each others gift cards…sa-weeet.*

Not to have decorating ADD, as I know the focus has been heavily on the formal living/dining space…I mean, who’s talking about paint and gray and stuff…not us…hehe…BUT, I have plans for the kitchen/family room space. Those plans include using the same paint in both spaces…a nice serene gray if we ever get around to making a decision (more paint samples are drying as we speak and begging to be ogled in daylight). Anyway, the point is, these bar stools will be perfection with the color/decor scheme I’m going for. Unfortunately, I’m not really sure how to explain that at this point but it lies somewhere in the realm of contemporary cottage. Either way, I love this modern take on an utterly traditional shape. Here’s the goods:

The best part…I got the felt cushions in the citron color featured in the picture which will TOTALLY pop against the color scheme we are going for. I squealed when I saw how awesome this set-up looks (I’m not sure Andy understands my excitement…it’s the little things).

The Goods:

Modern Windsor Bar Stool in White

Modern Windsor Dining Chair Cushion in Felt Citron

both from West Elm

On that note, it will most certainly be a few weeks before these are delivered, set up, and ready to display in the kitchen/family room space. After we finish in the current living/dining area we’re going to move into this area where we need to complete some built-ins around the fireplace and figure out how to mount the flat screen to the wall before we even think about lifting a brush…but I couldn’t wait to share.

So, if anyone out there is reading…let’s hear it…any fun and recent home decor purchases, bargains, etc.? I love to hear about the goods that make you say “yay!”


2 thoughts on “House of Windsor

    • Hi Drew, thanks for stopping by! We actually decided to go with Moonshine from Benjamin Moore using their Regal Select paint. I’m still LOVING Sherwin Williams Repose Gray and plan to use it soon…I’m now debating continuing with Moonshine in another large living space in our home or going with the Repose Gray…either way, it’s a great color and if it doesn’t end up on our walls in our kitchen/den it most certainly will in a guest room or bathroom. Are you looking for some paint inspiration for an update? Gosh, I’d paint every month if it wasn’t such a chore! Have a great day 🙂

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