Going Gray

Ugh…that’s exactly what’s happening…the quest for gray paint is giving me gray hairs…I’m sure of it!

Are you sick of hearing about us agonize over gray paint yet? I thought I could talk about it forever but I may be reaching my limit. Based on our last post…I was pretty sure we’d called out “final answer!” on Heavy Goose…but then some super stylish friends on Facebook had to go and rave about some gray paint from Sherwin Williams that they’d used and loved.

So, here I am, stepping back and taking a breath. As I’ve said before, I don’t want to rush this and I want the color to be perfect…primarily because, once again, it’s a big room and I only want to do this once. It would be torture to get halfway through and decide the color just isn’t right. Andrew would kill me…well, more like I envision saying I’ve changed my mind and him dumping the can of paint over my head. Overall, I want to be sure we’ve chosen a really true gray but with a cool undertone. While I think Heavy Goose pretty much meets that criteria, I’m having cold feet and thinking it just might be too blue and/or too dark.

Ok, I can pretty much hear you asking me to stop yapping on about our indecision and asking me what the heck the plan is…so here you go:

We are going to head to Sherwin Williams and take a look at their gray offerings. I’m mainly on the lookout for these two recommended shades (both are classified as ‘cool neutrals’ on the Sherwin Williams website):

1. Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray

2. Sherwin Williams Repose Gray

At this point, we’ve primed over the existing samples and once we get these two samples, we’ll put them up along with Heavy Goose to compare and hopefully reach our final answer…because I’m pretty sure we’re out of lifelines…we’ve phoned a friend…used 50/50…asked the audience…

In the meantime, while you are waiting for that gratifying moment…I’ll leave you with some links to education on choosing gray paint if you’re feeling inspired.

1. Decorating with Gray – Real Simple Magazine

2. Ideas for Decorating in Gray – Better Homes and Gardens

Ultimately, I want to point out not to get bogged down in the rules…and even though I continue on the quest for the perfect gray at the moment…I’m trying to take my own advice. I started reading articles and decorating tips on picking and using gray paint and I started to feel a little overwhelmed and began second guessing myself more. While I still want to try out the above samples because they were recommended…trust your instincts. Narrow down your choices, as we’ve outlined in previous posts, and get the testers and USE THEM. THEN WAIT! Kick back, observe, try one more round of samples if necessary, then get painting. The end is in sight…I can feel it…can’t wait to see how this turns out. Stay tuned for one more post where you can see our new samples on the wall. In the meantime, feast your eyes on these pretty inspiration pics:

Image from DecorPad

Image from Country Living

Image from RestylingHomebyKellyBlog

Image from Rooms and Things

(Pssst…the sofa and armless chair in the picture above is what we purchased for the living room! More about that soon)


2 thoughts on “Going Gray

  1. This post made me smile….. I did the same thing when choosing the gray for our living room. I painted one wall four different color grays to see how they look in the changing light throughout the day. My husband thought I was ridiculous. 🙂

  2. haha thanks! Awhile back, after painting our last house, I think I finally convinced Andy of the benefit to testing paint samples…so much so that this time he’s been pretty agreeable to priming the wall we’re testing these grays out on a few more times…got the two from SW today and I’ll get them up tomorrow.

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