Roses Are Red: Bedroom 1

February 15th, schmebruary 15th…Valentine’s day was yesterday…I know. And I was spending it with my hunny bunny with strict NO TECH rules. That meant phones away and laptops in snooze mode…doesn’t mean I still wasn’t anxious to play with Pete and make more mood boards! (Pete is not a boyfriend on the side, Pete is Pixelmator, I like nick-naming things…I guess that’s weird…our GPS is named Cleo…like “Miss Cleo” the television psychic…no??).

Ok, anyway, I decided to throw together another mood board in honor of Valentine’s Day (also a good excuse to practice my editing skills) and I thought putting together some ideas for a festive sleeping chamber in honor of all things Valentine-y would be sweet. The bedding reminded me of the roses Andy brought me yesterday and their soft petals…and the way the fabric is gathered reminded me of a flower in bloom. And, the “Gem Mirror” reminded me of a, well, gem! Perhaps there were a few of you out there lucky enough to receive some blingity-bling for V-Day? Either way, hope you enjoy and continue to spread the love!

The Goods:

  1. Lanna Bedding – Anthropologie
  2. Gem Mirror – West Elm
  3. Edland Four Poster Bed Frame in White – IKEA
  4. Bodega 6 Drawer Dresser – Z Gallerie
  5. Casablanca Lanterns White – Z Gallerie

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