Pixelmator, Schmixelmator

Thanks to my techie husband…I now have Pixelmator for Mac.

(Mac makes me 🙂 )

Since starting the blog last month…and before that admiring all the pretty blogs out there…I have been extra motivated to start learning ways to spiffy up my posts. I realized that all it takes is a little creativity, editing software, and a dose of patience (ok, a whole gallon, of it)…and it doesn’t hurt to have a husband who “works with computers”. When I first started the blog, I nosed around all sorts of tutorials, posts, etc., just to get a feel for what this was really all about and what special skills could help me in the future. My mind was alphabet soup…CSS, RSS, HTML…oh my. I asked my husband if he could tell me a little bit about what CSS was…his response, “it’s a cascading style sheet…and that’s NOT what I do….so don’t get mad”. Haha… “who, meeee?”, I said.

Anyway, bless his heart, he sits me down the other day and shows me Pixelmator. I had started throwing the Photoshop word around and I think he started panicking…I hear it comes with a hefty price tag. A quick internet search suggested that, instead, Pixelmator was a stellar program for my needs so I downloaded it from the app store for $29.99. Here’s a great tutorial that you can download for a small fee from the app store to get you up and running in no time.

At this point, I’ve just been playing around with the features to get a feel for the program and see what it can do for me. I love instant gratification so I’m especially excited to share that a mediocre use of the lasso tool and some cut and paste action gets you 7 minutes in mood board heaven in no time! I have been drooling over all the yummy mood boards on great blogs out there for months and there was always that voice in the back of my head asking “how the h-e-double hockey sticks did they make that?!”…and now I know. And I’m having a blast constructing my own. AWEsome.


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