Break It or Take It: Accent Tables

So, as evidenced by my lamp discussion the other day…I’ve become very into finding “the look for less”. I’ve really been taking a “break it or take it” approach lately. Meaning…do I want to go for the option that sort of “breaks the bank” or do I want to be able to “take it home” relatively immediately because it’s a great price point?

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m a self admitted label snob. I like name brand, I just do…I don’t know, I’ve been brainwashed…I’m every advertisers dream. But I’m trying to break this cycle, especially when it comes to my approach in home decor, and think outside the box…seeing the potential in used items that can be refurbished as well as finding furnishings that achieve the same look at a lesser price point.  At the very least, keeping an open mind and shopping a sale or using a coupon. I’ve applied this mentality first to clothing shopping and now I’m trying to spread this method into my approach for home decor shopping.

Here’s some insider info…my dirty little secret…ok, well maybe not so secret, or dirty for that matter…but, you heard this here first kids. As an example, I love me some J. Crew, Coach, etc. But I RARELY buy full price. Unless I see an item that I absolutely adore or have to have for a special occasion…I’m perfectly happy to wait for the sale and shop there. It works because I like the overall aesthetic of the brand so I’m always able to find something that works. Yea I may be decked in head to toe J. Crew but I’ve usually purchased something that was final sale plus 40% off. Lucky for me, they run this type of sale far too often 🙂 And as for my obsession with Coach bags…Factory stores ladies and gents…and guess what…if you really do your research you can find the stuff that is full-price Coach merch just marked down. Most of what they sell is actually manufactured exclusively for factory, and lovely just the same, but you can score the actual full price brand if you look closely…but wasn’t this post about accent tables???

Without further delayed, here’s my first installment of Break It or Take It.

OK! So I’m O-B-S-E-S-S-E-D with these Pottery Barn Tanner accent tables:

Coffee Table ($399):

Cubes ($249/ea):

Nesting Side Table ($199):

Console Table ($599):

I’m pretty decided on the fact that they are perfect for the living room but go ahead and crunch the numbers yourself and then gulp with me. It’s alotta moolah. Now, I have some PB gift cards from the wedding. I had also made a wedding registry at PB and they offer a 10% registry completion discount AND you can add ANY item to your registry (furniture, the works) even after your event has passed and get the savings. It’s not much but it’s something! So, I’m struggling over whether or not this purchase would be worth it…I’m thinking about getting two end tables, the coffee table, and maybe the console.

Then I came across these little gems at Target…here’s the Take It option:

Distressed Metal Cocktail Table ($87):

Distressed Metal End Table ($104):

Distressed Metal Console Table ($130):

What to do, what to do. I think I’m going to order one of these Target end tables and just get a look at it. I feel comfortable tying up $104 bucks for now just to get it shipped to the house to check it out. Unfortunately, these aren’t available in my local store. If it’s crappy quality or it doesn’t look good, I can just return it to my local store. Also, I haven’t found a true coffee table as a part of this Target set but the two cube/cocktail tables can easily be pushed together to form a coffee table or offset from one another for a different look, just as seen in the PB catalog when they show options for how to arrange their Tanner cubes. Potential savings is significant:

PB Tanner Tables –

2 Nesting End Tables at $199/ea plus 1 Coffee Table at $399 equals $797.00 (yowza)

Target Distressed Metal Tables –

2 End Tables at $104/ea plus 2 Cocktail Tables (to make a coffee table) at $87/ea equals $382 (happy dance)

Anyway, I’m still sleeping on it…I do have the advantage of gift cards and a discount on the PB stuff but the price point for Target is very yummy. Decisions, decisions.


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