Let there be light

I recently purchased 8 sets of lamps from Target…complete with 16 sets of shades. The best part is, I hadn’t even entered Target with the intention of purchasing lamps. I went for paper towels and toilet paper…but that place is a vortex of shopping insanity. At this point, I think the general consensus is that you cannot walk past the random red balls or through the shiny red doors without being prepared to spend at least $100 bucks…even if you just went in to get socks and gum. Bravo to their marketing department who manages to convince me that not only do I need to get the baby shower gift I went in for but I also need to re-accessorize every last room in my house … in one trip … immediately. Sheesh.

Back to the lamps…so there I was…mission accomplished on the PT and TP but two carts deep in lamps. I’m sure it’s music to my husbands ears when he hears “Honey, we’re gonna need another cart”…NOT. Here’s the thing…these were Pottery Barn LOOK-ALIKE lamps! Honestly, if I can find something that is virtually the same thing for a fraction of the price, I’m definitely willing to go that direction. As an aside, we are really trying to be budget conscious and set out on the right financial foot in our new marriage. We want to build our savings, save for a family, and have some disposable income available to enjoy our other hobbies besides our house. So, if I can achieve that goal by finding a less expensive version of something, count me in.


Pottery Barn Bacchus Glass Table Lamp

Target Glass Table Lamp

Here are two shades, available at Target, that are nearly identical to shades that were featured on the similar lamp base at Pottery Barn

Here’s a cost comparison:

(prices are estimated slightly)

Two Lamp Bases and Two Shades from Pottery Barn: $496.00 (Lamp Bases at $199 each and Shades at $49 each)

Two Lamp Bases and Two Shades from Target: $90.00 (Lamp Bases at $30 each and Shades at $15 each)

So, “what did she do with the 57 lamps she bought at Target?”…

I returned all of them except two of the one I featured above. You see, I’m trying to furnish and accessorize the living room at the moment and I saw a few things that could work for the table lamps…hence why I cleared the home department of light fixtures. If your funds allow for it, I’d recommend purchasing a few things (BE SURE YOU KNOW THE RETURN POLICIES INSIDE AND OUT FIRST!) to actually bring them into your home to try. The only way I can personally get a good sense of something is to see it in the space. Then, return what doesn’t work. In this case…I realized I was jumping the gun on lighting. It’s sort of like trying to design a whole outfit around a pair of really great earrings. Sometimes, that small piece really is the inspiration to have it all come together, and sometimes, it leaves you more in the dark in regards to the bigger elements. So I returned the lamps to let more of the space unfold before I choose. The kid at the customer service desk asked if we were staging a house…I said no. Cue his concerned look…Guess I’m the crazy lamp lady.

Stay tuned for a post to see where I placed the lamps featured above and how they look!


2 thoughts on “Let there be light

  1. The way that reads made me think you got paper towels and toilet paper for the baby shower :). I really enjoy reading this, it is almost as if Jen and I are following in your footsteps, feels odd, heh.

  2. Hey Ron! Sorry I didn’t see your comment until just now…got lost in the spam folder somehow…anyway, can’t wait to hear more about your home adventure with Jen! good luck and keep us posted 🙂

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