Opa!…a SoFa makeover

I get antsy…and over things really quickly. Well, that’s not entirely true…but as I recently mentioned, there are so many colors and looks I like that I’m trying to keep large furniture pieces in my house neutral…like those staple black pants or favorite gray cardi in your closet that go with ANYTHING and can me mixed and matched to your hearts content.

Let’s observe my sofa (as pictured in my very first apartment).

With a wave of my magic wand er’ trip to Target, behold:

Here’s the back story…I had a slipcover (that was a near match to the naked sofa, how now brown cow) mainly to protect if from dog hair, drool (Andrew’s 😉 ), and other icky pet things. It’s easily tossed in the wash and protects your investment. Of course, I take it off for company because otherwise it looks like you’re just wearing your sweatpants to a dinner party…put a little effort in will ya. The existing slipcover was starting to get a little ratty and worn and I figured it would be a good idea to have a backup. So armed with a Target gift card from the wedding…I marched into the home section to make my selection. The ah-ha moment came when I realized I could pick a different color and “test” out a color palette I’m considering for a future sofa purchase for this room. We’ve lived with the sofa in this place for a few months but I’m not convinced it’s the right fit for the long term. I’m thinking more along the lines of a sectional/chaise sofa in a lighter color. But for now, a new slipcover to rotate with the last one will do. I’ve had this slipcover in place for about 10 days now and it has really given me an opportunity to respond to the color palette. I can observe it at different times of day and just get an overall sense of it. PS I LOVE MY NEW PILLOWS! (also from Target). They are very reminiscent of home accents from Anthropologie. And yes, I drink the Anthropologie Kool-Aid…guzzle is more like it.

And I LOVE LOVE LOVE this one, also from Target:

(I really may have to get one or two of these)

 So there you have it…simple sofa transformation. What did we learn:

1. A few pillows/new slipcover can change your whole look. Great way to test ideas before committing to a whole new piece of furniture.

2. Slipcovers are pet, and husband, friendly…just wash, rinse, and repeat.


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