ewww, so mouldy

No, we do not have a mold problem, we have a MOULD problem…which means we love the finished look of crown moulding but it only existed in the master bedroom. (Disclaimer, I think there are really just two spellings of the word mold/mould and they mean two different things with two different spellings…huh?…6th grade English was a very long time ago…moving on).

So, we have a list of upgrades a MILE long. Currently, we have decided to take the approach of perusing the list and choosing projects that give a lot of impact for a little green. Putting up some crown molding/moulding (whatever) was the perfect project. For a mere $120 buckaroo’s in labor (our carpenter Kevin rocks my socks) plus the cost of materials, we put up some CM (<– we’re going with that now because I can’t figure out how the heck to spell it) in the formal living and dining space for approximately $300 clams. Actually, it was a little less than that thanks to a $60 Home Depot gift card my brother gave Andy for Christmas. We may add more to other living areas in the future, but for now, this really polishes the look of this space and sets it apart from rooms in the house that are more casual.

Now, I should mention that my philosophy for the whole house is one of comfort and ease, but I’m used to a space like this being more formal. You see, I grew up in a home where for the first 17 years of my life my brother and I were NOT allowed in the formal living room and dining room (don’t argue Daddy, you know it’s true). I think my Dad (love ya Pop) was afraid we’d spontaneously projectile vomit or something and ruin all his nice expensive furniture. We constantly threatened to give him museum ropes for Christmas. I think the first time my fanny touched that sofa was on my 18th birthday…I was old enough not to ruin the couch. And you know what, the house seemed so HUGE from that different perspective.

Back to my living room…while I really want the space to be kid/pet/people friendly…I do like the idea of fancy schmancy-ing it up a bit.

Now, ideally, I was DYING to DIY this…but I think Andrew broke out into a cold sweat when I suggested it. He politely reminded me… “do you know how long it took to finish the bathroom in the last house?!” I think he’s still recovering from that…not gonna lie, my eye twitch came back a little thinking of how this little, simple DIY could turn into a big ol’ takes forever ordeal. (A few goals on proper time management and we’ll be golden). I firmly stated that I AM TILING THE KITCHEN BACKSPLASH MYSELF…to which he replied “whatever you like dear…I guess that means I’ll be applying the thinset?” He knows me so well…

Here are some before and after’s:

Before the CM (flaked and didn’t get many good before pics)

Ohh la la AFTER


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