batman and robin…

Our two lives became one on October 22, 2011. Six months prior to our big day we closed on our dream home after a whirlwind house hunt that we never intended on in the first place. To make a long story short, this is how we ended up here:

1. Catie and Andy get engaged…Catie moves into Andy’s bachelor pad.

2. Not Catie’s cup of tea…ok let’s not sugar coat…Catie loves a great DIY/home improvement project but HATED that house. Loved the guy in it…but HATED that house. (It was a cave…and Batman and Robin we are not…it had 4 windows…blech).

3. Give some home improvements on the place the old college try but Catie secretly drooled over real estate listings as a hobby. (In all honesty, she really wanted to be part of the decision making process on what our home would be…a rite of passage that we should both be involved in).

4. We make a wish list and identify criteria that we would love our next home to include…you know, in the future. We agree on lots of property, 4 bedrooms, at least two bathrooms, pool (this is Florida after all), and let there be light batman…WINDOWS!

5. Play around with property searches and enter our wish list criteria…and as if the heavens parted, this place pops up. It’s perfect. The home is on an acre and a quarter, 4br/2ba, POOL, hardwood floors, fireplace, plus clean, crisp, and white kitchen and bathrooms. Found the neighborhood, did a drive by, fell in love, and then realized it’d probably never happen so we forget about it for awhile.

6. Back to reality…not wanting to waste more time and funds…we consulted a realtor to make suggestions on improvements that could be done to the current home to make it sale-able in the future.

7. Realtor says that the house actually looks great and not to put much more blood, sweat and tears into the joint if we weren’t inclined. Then asks those famous last words: “so, it looks like you’re thinking of selling at some point…was there anything you wanted to see?”

8. Andrew shoots me a look and I turn to the realtor saying “actually…” … I proceed to rattle off the MLS number for the dream house, which I had memorized at that point (hangs head in shame).

9. The realtor gets the keys, we make an appointment for later that week, we step inside, and the rest is history. A few minor breakdowns (of the emotional variety) occurred along the way, but within two months, the place was ours.

10. Got lucky and sold the old place right before the wedding. Good riddance…(although I do feel nostalgic about it sometimes…we had our first make-out session in that cave people!)


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