and we’re blogging…

So what’s new with you? Just in case you were wondering what’s new with us (perhaps overly presumptuous of us to think you’d even care) Andrew and I have decided to enter this wonderful world of blogging to document life, the bliss of being newlyweds, and our baby. NO SILLY…we’re not with child yet…our HOUSE baby.

Ideally, I would have loved to start documenting this process the day we got the keys in our hot little hands. We closed on our current home on April 22, 2011 after, drumroll please….looking at only 1 house. That’s right, you heard me, one. More on that later. Alas, getting down and dirty on this place wasn’t in the cards because I had to finish planning a wedding (we were married on October 22, 2011), we both started new jobs after receiving promotions, and then dealing with the recovery from all the wedding planning, and getting through the holidays. Therefore, we set a goal for January 2012 as the time we would begin making this house our home. That’s actually not quite fair to say because I think Andrew and I both agree that to us “home” means anywhere the two of us are together plus our two pooches and the kitty…but it is nice to nest a little and dream about paint colors, home upgrades, etc. (ok, well maybe I did all the dreaming and Andrew did some eye rolling). He will self-admit that he’s not quite jazzed about pillow shopping, and paint chips…but he is my knight in shining armor because at the end of the day, he will lovingly and willingly help to execute my dreams of making this house beautiful. As he says, “You’re the ideas guy” and “I’m the logistics guy”. We generally agree that I dream big and he brings me back down to reality and gently reminds me of budgetary restrictions and skill level. He can wield a saw and a hammer with the best of them but some projects we have in mind might require more expert attention for now.

That being said, we wanted to begin documenting our progress here. We both agree we regret not documenting projects we tackled in the former house (Andrew’s bachelor pad). We survived painting, a major DIY bathroom renovation (that took way longer than necessary), and laundry room makeover (just to name a few) and took virtually NO before and after pictures. Though our current home would in NO WAY be considered a fixer-upper like the last place, we agreed that we want to document our progress this time around, especially for family and friends near and far who have expressed interest in what we’re up to. It gets a little excessive to send emails with links to Pottery Barn dream purchases, and try to explain the color of the gray paint I’m trying to decide on over the phone. So why not use the world wide web to share this process with you in all it’s paint splattered and dusty glory.

On that note, I need to go help start painting the living room/dining room ceiling. Please stop in and visit us any time. We’ll have loads of juicy pics to share and more on how we are lovin’ on our home and making the design and improvement process our own.




2 thoughts on “and we’re blogging…

  1. Catie, Andrew; Beee-yooo-teee-fulll! Welcome to the world of home ownership. Your favorite shopping experience is going to be a trip to the hardware store, followed by a trip the the home improvement center, followed by a trip to the gardening center, followed by hard (satisfying) work, exhaustion, and a shrinking bank account… Way to go guys! Good luck!

    • Hi Uncle Dee and Aunt Val! Thanks so much for stopping in to read along! We completely agree with your list…it pretty much goes just like that 🙂 We miss you and keep checking in, we have lots of stuff in the works the next couple of months!

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